US is Incapable of Removing Aspartame from Market, Consumer Protection shifts to International Focus

A horrifying conclusion, but these are the facts: without a massive overhaul at the FDA resulting from a very large hue and cry from the American public, nothing will ever get done in terms of the FDA removing this neurotoxic carcinogen from the market. There is considerable hope, however, in efforts going on right now in Sacramento, California to require a carcinogen label on aspartame containing products, as well as international efforts to fight back against the misleading corporate propaganda that assures hundreds of millions that "aspartame" is somehow safe to consume.

Talk about Fake News! These Ajinomoto guys in Japan win the Gold Prize for getting away with audaciously lying to consumers in every nation.

How does this affect you? Rather than accept the sanguine sterilized and misleading "facts" on Wikipedia about aspartame and about the Japanese manufacturer, Ajinomoto, also the #1 manufacturer of Monosodium Glutamate, I would ask you, the reader, to probe a little deeper than is possible with this kind of industry formatted presentations, and that is assuming that you don't want to suffer and then die of neurodegenerative illnesses and afflictions like brain tumors, epilepsy, Lou Gehriig's Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis, all among the 92 symptoms from Aspartame as recognized by the FDA from their compiled complaint records that started in 1981 and ended in 1995, under orders to stop from the Clinton White House.

Here is my most recent article, published last week by Jeff Rense at Rense. com as well as at the Los Angeles Progressive in California:

India Health Minister Asked To Reverse Aspartame Approval To Protect 1.25 Billion Indians

Remaining are two questions for those new to these aspartame neurotoxicity questions, a little homework/thoughtwork for you the reader to ponder:

1. How could anyone possibly believe aspartame was safe once they learned the basic freshman chemistry that the methyl ester binding the two non essential and neurotoxic amino acids (phenylalanine and aspartic acid) together to make the aspartame molecule, then turns into methanol (which is an alcohol that is 5 times as toxic as the alcohol that kills people and causes cirrhosis), which then destroys the liver as is struggles to turn it into something less toxic, formaldehyde, which is then lodged in the RNA forever?

2. What does the fact that Donald Rumsfeld forced the approval for aspartame through the FDA in 1981 and then again in 1983 for soft drinks, mean to you? Despite the FDA turning them down for 15 years prior, precisely for the chemistry facts I raise in the first question?

If you only have a short time to study this, watch Sweet Misery on Please see videos embedded at end of this Rense article but here are some more vital video links that will really open your eyes:

Aspartame is Poison- Fox news This one has excellent footage of comments by Ohio's US Senator Howard Metzenbaum and the culpable now deceased Dr. Arthury Hull Hayes, the former FDA Commissioner who cooperated with Donald Rumsfeld to get aspartame approved.


Metzenbaum passed away as well. His hearing in the Senate was in 1987, soon to be 30 years ago. This poison remains on the market, despite the efforts of thousands to remove it. The US is hopelessly mired in hardened cement on this subject, unable to correct what is wrong and unable to do anything more than educate the occasional consumer as to its dangers, especially those who have family members who have died from its effects, and therefore know too well and first hand what the formaldehyde does to a living human.


Aspartame Killed My Wife - One Man’s Story - YouTube


Aspartame dangers FDA approval controversy news report on Aspartame studies risks


(This last excellent clip includes medical comments by Internist H.J. Roberts, who wrote the medical text Aspartame Disease: An Ignored

Epidemic. Dr. Mercola later referred to this as an FDA Approved Epidemic.)


About the medical facts and consumer protection journalism:

Even alternative news editors and publishers in effect buy into this corporate manipulation when they capitulate and grovel out of their professed fear of libel suits. A few years ago, one which will remain unnamed, objected to and rejected my article about a 19 year old girl in Wales who had died from chewing sugarless gum, saying my take on it was "unsubstantiated," despite it having been very widely published by the mainstream press in the UK, the main thrust of that article.

The Rense and Los Angeles Progressive articles about our request to the Indian Health Minister is an important one because never before has this been done, in the form of a direct request. I don’t want to slide into some oblique discussion of medical journalism, but such concerns do go straight to the heart of dumbing down the American public, and with little or no articles on the subject, the public will remain dumb, I am sad to say.


The Joan of Arc of this entire worldwide consumer protection effort, my colleague Dr. Betty Martini, commended my earlier article on Ajinomoto in Africa as the first time anyone had ever compiled the medical record and compared it to the PR and corporate announcements. Here is that article:

Ajinomoto, Japanese Carcinogenic Neurotoxin Manufacturer Expanding Aspartame & MSG Sales in Unsuspecting African Nations

As an author who has written about these subjects for 15 years in 28 different languages and in 70 nations, even a very serious United Nations Resolution in 2006, some responses from some editors are no more than veiled censorship in the name of their editorial standards, especially when the occasional editor condescends to say "Don't take it personally."

If even 10% of their concerns were truly about the possibility of libel suits, more should learn that in the history of Ajinomoto and Libel suits, they went after one UK publication once for saying their product was “nasty.” All of their suits have collapsed, and in one notable case, resulted in a counter suit by a physician friend of mine, when images of their products were displayed on a book cover. This was adjudicated by the judge ordering them to pay a $4 million judgment (to the person they sued in the first place for $2 million). This physician friend had written a book in the early 80's about the proven medical harm done by Monosodium Glutamate, and he later started a publishing company with the $4 million judgment.

Ajinomoto’s views may be skewed, despite the good advice any first year law student in the United States would be able to give them about Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. There is always that pesky fact at the heart of libel law that the news venue must be proven to have shown an INTENT to deceive the readers, despite the fact that all of the deception has preceded all of this, and it was perpetrated by the company itself with all of their puff pieces about helping starving children in Ghana and their glorious presence in health sports with the stadium in Tokyo named after the corporation. That might fool tens of millions of Japanese, but it doesn’t fool me for one New York minute, and shouldn’t fool you either.