At GREEP #180, we start with TATANKA BRICCA and a plea for the parole of LEONARD PELTIER, who has been wrongly imprisoned for 50 years. 

We ask everyone who can take the time to write the parole board and whoever else can make a difference to go to and/or https://FREELEONARDPELTIERNOW.ORG and make your power felt to release this great Indigenous hero who MUST be united with his family ASAP.

RHONDA ROFF and MYLA RESON remind us that the fabulous film “San Onofre Syndome” about a great No Nukes triumph is available through; don’t miss it!!

US REPRESENTATIVE PRAMILA JAYAPAL is introduced by MIKE HERSH to give us the inside lowdown on Universal Health Care / Medicare for all.

DR. NANCY NIPARKO, PAUL NEWMAN, HEDY TRIPP,  RAY MCCLENDON join in with the Congreswoman and her life-and-death campaign for our species’ health.

WENDI LEDERMAN reminds us of the key role played by south Florida’s Cuban community and of protecting our poll workers in the coming election.

ALEX WILLIAMS seconds the motion on Medicare for All.

MYLA RESON and ROBERT HANSEN continue the dialog.

DR. JACK TURBAN gives us a deep discussion on the tribulations and opportunities facing the Trans & LGBTQ communities.

 The great JAN GOODMAN then updates the campaign to save the Pacifica Radio Network.

Legendary Emmy-winner DAVID SALTMAN offers his unique genius from a long history on many sides of the media universe.

KPFK Chair Tatanka Bricca and Xtinction Rebellion STEVEN STARR finish by promoting the special showing of ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE at kpfk at 3-6 pm PT on Pacifica.

See you then!!!!