FOREST PROTECTION ACTION ALERT! Please contact US Senator John Kerry, immediately, and ask him to remove wood burning biomass from being included as “clean and renewable” energy and eligible for public subsidies and preferential treatment in his climate and energy bill. These perverse incentives would lead to large-scale cutting of forests for tiny amounts of energy and would greatly increase carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. The current forest protections in the climate bill are very limited and weak and will not protect forests in Ohio or nationwide.

Tell Senator Kerry that burning forests is not “green” energy. It emits more CO2 even than coal, pollutes as much or more than fossil fuels and will devastate forest ecosystems. Specifically, wood burning biomass should not be eligible for our taxpayer “clean” energy subsidies or any other preferential legislation or benefits.

It is easily demonstrated that claims of carbon neutrality for biomass burning are false. Trees can’t grow back fast enough to absorb all the greenhouse gases from burning the trees. Construction and operation of biomass power plants promises to create an enormous “pulse” of carbon releases. Biomass power plants will have exactly the opposite of the effect intended; they will not reduce carbon emissions but increase them for decades on end. Tax credits based on the carbon neutral myth are in essence based on a fraud.

In the past, Senator Kerry has been a strong defender of forests, so it would be a sad irony to see him as the prime sponsor of the bill that led to their destruction. Please let him know this fact.

To contact Senator John Kerry, click on the link below:


And/or contact his aides directly:

Karena Neubauer - DC - 202-224-2742

Karena Email

Kate Anderson - Boston - 617-565-8519

Kate Email

Then call Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and ask him not to support the burning of trees as green energy.

Sherrod Brown Contact information, click the link below:

Sherrod Brown

And/or contact his aides directly:

Jonathan McCracken

John Email

(202) 224-2315

Click on the link below to find our more about biomass, a threat to Ohio's forests.

Buckeye Forest Council