Colin Powell (November 24, 2004), US Secretary o State tells the Ukraine to recount their resent election!! (Associated Press Published November 24, 2004) This is no joke. It seems that Powell was sent the Ukraone by our Commender and Thief to insist that the Nation recount the votes in their election because of suspected FRAUD.

It is a tragedy that Kerry has stood the role of a great leader, who would save our Democratic Republic from the grips of a corrupt and criminal machine, only to run away when things get really tuff. Kerry could have been a Gandhi, or Dr. King, or FDR, but he seem to have been playing an "ego game"? to get the glow of greatness without the substance to do the bidding of that position.

But now the Ukraine has given Americans a real example of a would-be-leader in Yanukovych, who is claimed to be the real winner of this election in the Ukraine. Yanukovych with the support of the US Administration, Bush, of all people, has chosen continue to stand with his supporters and fight for an honest look at the Fraud which is alleged to have been a part of this Ukraine election. Yanukovych has not left his millions of supporters strained, as has Kerry.

Kerry talked a good game but when the real step to power came under criminal attack he slid into some retreat where he sends his weak messages of surrender. But maybe he is doing a regrouping and the fifty million supporters will get his true leadership personality back in the position of activism.

Is this familiar? Here in the US we have just seen a flagrant committing of FRAUD in our Presidential Election 2004 and our unselected officials, Bush and company, are doing everything they can to stop any recounting of votes. The only thing really different between US and the Ukraine is that they are taking a more violent action by not allowing the criminal winners to peacefully sit down and start mis-running the peoples government.

The American public better grab this before the media and Rove cut off the coverage of this in real time! --
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