Cuyahoga County is filing criminal charges against me because I asked some volunteers for the Vote Count Protection Project to call some of the Election Day Technicians, and ask them if they would be willing to write down some of the Voting Unit election results on a data-collection form, to used for vote-count verification purposes.

We were doing this because Blackwell’s directive on 11/1 said that we could not add any more “Observers” to the list of observers, so we could not get “inside access.”

We were doing this because Cuyahoga County was NOT going to post results for the public to see.

We were doing this because of Cuyahoga Board of Elections' dismal record of the May Election debacle, secrecy and law-breaking,, and, in general, 92% of the public distrusts electronic voting!

We were doing this because the proposed post-election “audit” being paid for by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is a total SHAM! The audit will NOT be counting actual ballots, but sub-totals of ballot counts, and will not be counting all precincts, but a subset of the precincts. Their proposed “audit” is nothing of the sort!

The people want to “see” the precinct-level election results, and the CCBOE is refusing to let us see them. From the calling that volunteers made yesterday, we learned that Election Day Technicians were told, during training, that they could NOT read aloud the totals on the Summary Totals report, they, in fact, could not even LOOK at the totals on the report, and, obviously could not let anyone ELSE look at them.

The CCBOE is continues to operate in secrecy, and are now trying to intimidate anyone who seeks transparency in the election process. They are making an example of me because I am getting too close. How dare we ask to see precinct-level results?

They told me that I could get council and then report to a hearing tomorrow at 1:30pm—election day. They have nothing better to do, on election day, than to stop this dangerous middle-aged woman!

If you would like to support me tomorrow as they throw the book at me—they said I was being charged with criminal “obstruction of business”, ORC 2921.31—please come to the Cuyahoga Board of Elections at 1:30pm.

Thanks so much, Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D.

Cuyahoga Board of Elections
30th and Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH