We start with the great ANDREA MILLER and RAY MCCLENDON, who open GREEP #159 with their usual genius insights on voting rights, gerrymandering and more, primarily in the BIPOC south.

STEVE CARUSO joins to fill us in on the corrupt insanity of Ohio.  Buckeye officials from the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Public Utilities Commission Chair and others are all implicated in the infamous $61 million bribe  for “persuading” the Legislature for a $1billion nuclear power bribe.  The former House Speaker, Larry Householder, has already begun a 20-year prison term.

CAMILLA REES then introduces DR. ROBERT EPSTEIN and his pioneer work in tracking the undue influence of Google and other internet giants in swaying public opinion.  Dr. Epstein’s riveting, groundbreaking presentation

The presumption is that the influence is meant to be “pro-liberal,” but co-convener MIKE HERSH argues that the real agenda is pro-corporate, far to the right of the American mainstream. 

Major media legend DAVID SALTMAN challenges the idea that such manipulation can tangibly shape voting behavior,

ERIC LAZARUS, JUSTIN LEBLANC, MARY STONEWALL-BUTLER, JULIE WIENER, WENDI LEDERMAN and others chime in on the anti-democracy wave drowning our nation in outright autocracy.

We’re then joined by the legendary clean energy pioneer KARL GROSSMAN, who reports on the corporate call for the world to triple its insane commitments to atomic energy. 

At the latest global climate conference, a convening sheik amazingly asserts that the burning of fossil fuels has no impact on global climate.

STEVEN SONDHEIM, RON LEONARD and others chime in on the nuclear attack on our planet.

NINA BEETY raises the possibility that a breeder reactor may have been built by PG&E at Moss Landing, California.

MYLA RESON, newly elected member of the National Board of the Pacifica Radio Network, reminds us that the California Solartopia show she co-hosts with me (Harvey Wasserman) has returned to to KPFK 90.7fm in Los Angeles at 5pm PT Wednesday evenings.  That show can be heard at KPFK.org.

We will see & hear you again on December 11.  Until then…..NO NUKES….Shut Diablo