If "The Waitress" were a pie, which it very well may be, it would taste like a variety of flavors from sweet, sour and spciy to utterly delightful! Somehow all of these flavors seem to work for this dish!

The main character a sincerely sweet pie-making artiste. All of her life feelings and problems are translated into different pies. Everyone feels badly for her, especially after her recent pregnancy with her horrible husband. Even her closest friends, two fellow waitresses at the pie shop, tell her they would never trade places with her. I too, would never want to be in her shoes, married to a man like Earl. All of which sets off the deliciousness of the main characters' affair. This movie is by no means a setting of morals and values. Almost all of the characters in it commit adultery or suffer from personality disorders!

But this gives the movie its reality factor as well. Although it's a movie with real problems and sadness, there is humor and irony to be found everywhere. The doctor with whom the main character confides and finds herself in love, is also married. Their love may be the most random suprising part of the movie

In fact, every time they pounce on each other the music in the background heightens to hilariousness. This flavor is delcious, but spicy too!

Each character and relationship is very well illustrated. Every type of man a woman should not marry is in this movie and that is reason enough to watch it! The passion and artistry that the main character has for what she does proves educational. Overall the movie is very well written from beginning to end and truly gets better as the story progresses, leaving you with a new type of pie that has flavors of inspiration that is heartwarming.

Annie Wasserman will be a junior at Stern College.