The rich history of genocides does not show us combination like the one we
have today:
1) Overwhelming evidence of intent broadcast and available to everyone on
instant communication devices (phones, tablets, computer) and based on a
messianic model of chosenness linking to biblical mythologies of conquest
of Canaan, wiping out other nations etc
2) Wanton destruction of people and their livelihood. Destroying all their
means of livelihood denying them food, medicine, water, fuel etc. Man made
famine of thsi scale and meanness never happended before. Addedto direct
bombing of civilians, hundreds die daily and so far 1 in 20 people in Gaza
iskilledorn injured.
3) Wanton destruction of property to make life unnlivable even after the
genocide stops. 70% of all building are destroyed so far: homes hopsitals,
mosques, churches, civil defence, police buildings, water facicilities,
trees etc
4) Wanton attack and destruction of humanitarian aid organizations and
their facilities(e.g. the UN agencies)
5) Never in history do we see such division between the wishes of hundreds
of million of people stand to support human rights but at odds with
subserviant govenments that are backmailed or bribed to suport genocide
6) And the US again was the sole vote against a UN Security Council
resolution for a ceasefire (the third time in a row to prevent an end to
the genocide). The UN should be changed to prevent such imperialist
countries from having veto power on other countries. The US continues also
to fund and arm the genocide
7) Today, a group of German lawyers - representing Gaza families- is filing
criminal complaint against German Government officials, for the crime of
aiding and
abetting genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza by providing
Israel with
weapons and issuing related export permissions. They are supported by civil
organisations ELSC (European Legal Support Center), PIPD (Palestine
Institute for
Public Diplomacy) and Law for Palestine under the Justice and
Accountability for
Palestine Initiative. The charges are being filed at the Office of the
Federal Prosecutor
in Karlsruhe (‘Generalbundesanwaltschaft’).

This mass destruction is part and parcel of colonization as happened in
other areas of the world like NorthAmerica and Australia but in those other
areas we were talking about people spread over huge areas (continents).
Here it is a tiny area in which natives are squeezed. Gazais2.3 million
people (most refugees) squeezed in an area of 360 square kilometers. And
while major cities globally have similar or higher densities, cities are
parts of countries with natural resources and integrated economies. The
Gaza strip is a closed concentration camp and has been like this for
decades. Same for other ghettos/people ware houses in the West Bank.

Israel engineering deep pockets of starvation in Gaza
eating grass and weeds to survive

Beaten, stripped and used as human shield one of the tens of thouands of
horror stories

What happened to 6 year old Hind Rajab

Pure Evil: Dr. Mads Gilbert on Israel's targeting of hospitals

“Silence in the face of Evil is itself evil” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German
Pastor, theologian and anti-Nazi dissident (1906-1946)
Israeli forces continue their genocide

“What the herd hates the most is the one who thinks differently. It is not
so much the opinion itself, as the audacity of wanting to think for
themselves. Something they do not know how to do.” Schopenhauer

Brazilian president puts to shame other subservient leaders (including
arab) by speaking the truth

Biden's legacy is genocide, let it not be ours

What Israelis think: Kill more civilians

The new case before iCJ (separate from the case of genocide) is the case of

Lowkey EXPOSES Israel’s Secret Role in Britain

Committee to Protect Journalists on the targetting of Journalists

Israel flattens Al-Farouki mosque and several buildings

Pediatric doctor tortured by Israel for 45 days
This is the symptom of colonization

Apartheid and racism

New Labour MK is married to Israel spy recruiter and served in the
genocidal army

How is Israel's arms industry profiting from war on Gaza

Former Mossad official: Children over 4 deserve to be starved

Amos Trust rebuilding homes. Israeli occupation demolished more houses in
the West Bank last four months than in the 20 months before that so it is
not just in Gaza!!!

On March 2, millions across the world will march for Gaza! The conditions
in Gaza are increasingly dire & Israel continues its onslaught on 2+
million Palestinians. ACT NOW: everyone must be on the streets March 2!
If you wish to "endorse/participate" in the event contact Palestinian Youth
Movement or

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