President Bush has asked Congress for $76 billion to pay the initial costs of the war in Iraq. For the same amount of money, we could hire 1,155,715 elementary school teachers to educate America’s Children.

  • One second of war in Iraq ($12,730) = Twice what the U.S. spends per year, per child, in primary education ($6,043)
    Digest of Education Statistics.
  • One minute of war in Iraq ($763,000) = Headstart Education for 115 children ($6,633 per child)
    National Priorities Project.
  • 2.8 hours of war in Iraq ($45.8 million per hour) = Nutrition supplements for 200,000 eligible families not covered ($130 million)
    Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.
  • Five days of war in Iraq ($1.1 billion per day) = Eliminate illiteracy worldwide ($5 billion)
    World Game Institute
  • Compiled by Frida Berrigan, Senior Research Associated, World Policy Institute.

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