Donald Trump is in power in large part because Democrats have repeatedly conceded elections they really won.   On Tuesday, that MUST change.  

Anyone deemed a close loser MUST fight.  Every tally must be contested, every denial challenged, all missing ballots found, every provisional honored.     


What could bury our democracy?   Stripped voter rolls, erased precincts, lies about where to vote, voting stations moved out of town, intimidated voters, impossible-to-get ID, street addresses required on reservations, lies about eligibility, unsent absentee ballots, suppressed registrations, hacked electronic machines, hidden source codes, trashed provisionals.  It’s all been happening since at least 2000.   Highly qualified teams of election protection specialists all over the country ( and many more; the state and national Democratic parties have hotlines) are ready to fight.     


Nobody “officially" losing by less than ten percent, or while winning the exit polls, should walk away.   


Tell your candidates:  DO NOT CONCEDE!!   


Anyone working on this election MUST contact your candidate and DEMAND an “I will not concede pledge” BEFORE Tuesday.   




 In Florida 2000, Gov. Jeb Bush stripped at least 94,000 mostly black/Hispanic voters from registration rolls.  Electronic machines flipped the count.  The infamous “Brooks Brothers Terror Mob” (supported by Brett Kavanaugh) stopped the recount, which the Supreme Court buried.    


Rightful winner Al Gore then killed a Congressional challenge to Florida’s Electoral College delegation, handing George W. Bush the presidency.    


In 2004 John Kerry conceded Ohio with 250,000 votes uncounted while officially losing by less than 120,000.  VP candidate John Edwards demanded he not concede.  But at noon, Kerry handed W a second term, then went wind surfing.  


 Hillary Clinton beat Trump by some 3 million votes but ignored massive irregularities in Michigan,Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.  She, Gore, Kerry and the corporate Democrats have done little to stop election theft or end the Electoral College, which could re-enshrine Trump in 2020.   


Democrats did not scrutinize six US Senate races in 2014 and 2016 where they won exit polls and/or lost by very tight official margins.  Those seats let Trump control the judiciary, cut taxes for the super-rich and so much more.     


This year scores of federal, state and local offices will be stolen…unless YOU and your candidates finally fight.   


Until every registration is defended, every ballot counted, every electron scrutinized…   Tell your candidates:   DO NOT CONCEDE!!!!  


Harvey “Sluggo” Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis saw Ohio 2004 up close and personal.  Their Strip & Flip Disaster of America’s Stolen Elections is at and where The Life & Death Spiral of US History:  From Deganawidah to the Trumpocalypse to Rebirth will soon appear.