The Free Press received an email from Bev Harris of Black Box Voting that stated: "100% of South Carolina election results will be routed through Barcelona-owned Scytl/SOE before being released to the public." This should not surprise anyone who follows the or The 2004 highly-suspect Ohio election results were routed through Smartech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the company under the control of Jeff Avebeck, a far-right Pentecostal Christian. This has not been properly investigated by authorities.

Black Box Voting also sent a video entitled "Video the Count: What to do on Election night." We're posting this to urge activists, especially in South Carolina, to watch the polls. Last November's elections in Franklin County, Ohio, home of Columbus -- the state's largest city -- the final poll tapes from the voting machines at all precinct sites failed to print, leaving no check or balance against the central tabulating and processing of votes in other locations.

Watch Black Box Voting video: