Dear editor,

Way to go to Israel!

Finally the Israeli army killed the person who is responsible for missile and rocket attacks from Gaza. The suspect was killed by a single bullet to the head by an Israeli army death-squad, and was among 120  killed and 200 injured (many women and children included) in a series of Israeli air raids and ground invasions that lasted for 5 days.

Surprisingly, this earth-moving news was not aired on Fox News, CNN, or reported by other major main stream media. Here is an update about this latest high value target that was executed. The victim was a two week old baby. Israel seems to actually think that this baby is capable of firing missiles and rockets.

Name: Amira [princes in Arabic] Abu 'Assr 
Address: Deir El-Balah, Gaza, Palestine 
Date of Death: March,5, 2008 

To better understand why Israel targets Palestinian children, Jennifer Loewenstein a Jewish professor at the University of Wisconsin put it eloquently in a recently published article.  She wrote, " Who really cares about these children? Every Palestinian is a militant because everyone (sooner or later) wants Israel off their land, out of their life, and forgotten like a horrible dream. It is for that reason they are all equal targets." 

Just an added reminder, Amira's precious life was taken away while she was in her mother's arms. Shame on the baby killer!

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Westerville OH