Gaza Holocaust Shall Hunt You Forever…

The date is November 6, 2023 at 3:55 pm. The background is a home of an older Palestinian located west of Gaza City. The setting is a group of 6 Nazi fascist Israeli soldiers raiding a home in Gaza.

The narration goes like this:  “stay away, we are going to request the bombing of the top floor.  Go ahead and fire towards the top floor.

“Did you see anyone? Yes, one.  He was waiving his hands like this -showing that he has nothing.  And what did you do? I shot him with 4 bullets. Killing was fantastic.

Did he have anything? Nope, nothing. Respect my man, congratulations.”

“Had we have the artillery we could’ve finished the job easily.

Then these Nazis go back again. They see the old man lying next to the bed, motionless and dead. They fire at him again.

The outcome? The summary execution of Uncle Atta, a 73-year old deaf man who was waiving to these Nazis not to shoot. Outside his home, these Nazi members of the Israel Death Forces (IDF) went into a rampage of executing 50 more innocent civilians.

All this was recorded by a camera of one of these Nazis fascist members of the IDF.

This is a war crime, plain and simple.

Another scene on December 6, 2023.

The IDF members in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron have been caught on video showing a member of this Nazi fascist regime shooting and wounding a mentally disabled Palestinian.  According to CNN and Haaretz, Tarek Abu Abed, a 34 year disabled man, known to friends and family as “Ghazzawi,” was on his way home Tuesday when he was stopped by three soldiers and asked for identification.

These two scenes, and many thousands the world is watching every day during this Gaza Holocaust will not be forgotten.

The world remembers Adolf Eichman, a key architect of the Final Solution, where he was tried and convicted and later was executed by hanging in 1962.  His charges included war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against the Jewish people. He was a fugitive for almost 15 years before he was brought to justice.

As Efraim Zuroff describes himself as “the only Jew who prays for the good health of Nazis,” I, and almost all freedom loving people, whether Palestinians or otherwise, too pray for the good health and long life of the current Zionists and their enablers.  Those monsters will be tracked, found, and captured. They will be found guilty for their participation in this current day Holocaust against the men, women, children and babies of Gaza.

As of today, Thursday March 14, 2024, according to Al Jazeera, total number of Gazans killed is 31,341 people, including 12,300 children and 8,400 women. The injured are more than 73,134 people, including 8,663 children and 6,327 women, and more than 8,000 missing. In the occupied West Bank, total number of killed Palestinians is 433 people including 116 children and more than 4,650 injured.

So, mark my words. No matter where these criminals go, the “Zionist Hunters” will be on the lookout. There will be no safe place for these murderers.  Like Eichman and Dinka Sakic, who lived for 50 years before being brought to trial in 1998 for his crimes, those who are committing these daily murders against the defenseless Gazans will be hunted down.  And those who are enablers of these atrocities will not be spared.

Viva Palestina