Woe is Gore and Lieberman. Woe on Bush and Cheney. Woe for America and its systems of checks and balances, the electoral process, litigation and finally woe for the Jewish community. What the Hell is going on? Can’t any upstanding Republican admit that the fix was in, in Florida? Come on….old machines that require routine cleaning, that hadn’t been cleaned for three years. Butterfly ballots being used in selected counties. State police blocking the single road to the polls from a Black community. Voter intimidation and further, voting tests, Blacks being required to provide two forms of picture identification in some counties. Whoa!

Did anybody seem to notice that the only place the exit polls were wrong is Florida? Did you notice a kind of self assured cockiness in the voice of guvnah’ Bush when it was suggested that the exit polls had given Gore the state? The guvnah’ stated in clear terms that he “rejects the information provided by the networks because he’d been provided other information that he had or will win the state.” Could George W. be sooo stupid that he tipped his hand? Could he have been in effect telling the country in his self styled Texas “down home” drawl that his daddy and Jeb had this one in the bag?

Of course he was. That is exactly what the good guvnah’ was trying to relay to the people. He just wanted y’all to stay calm and let this thang figger itself out. To Hell with the truth and the true intent of the people, Daddy and Jeb promised me the White House. And, “Daddy’s nevah’ failed me.” After all, it was daddy that got me into Yale and Harvard….sho’ wasn’t my grades. It was daddy that fixed it so I could become majority owner of the Texas Rangers with only $600,000 (the least amount of any of the investors). It was daddy and his friuends’ that I shook down fo’ money when my bizness’ went belly-up. It was daddy that arranged for the South American contract and contacts that made me a milliunnire.’ After all it was daddy that decided I would guvnah’ Texas while Jeb guvnah’d’ Floriduh. Heck, a former president and two guvnah’s for sons in the same family. Guess we did perty goood fo’ ahseves.’

What have we missed in this scenario? Perhaps we’ve forgotten that Daddy Bush was once the Director of the CIA. Perhaps we’ve forgotten that Daddy Bush’s claim to fame as the CIA director was… “FIXING ELECTIONS” and overthrowing unfriendly or non-democratic governments. Perhaps we’ve forgotten that though it is possible, it is still pretty difficult to win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote. But most importantly, perhaps we’ve forgotten a little thing called the 14th Amendment. This Constitutional amendment allows for the unrestricted right of Blacks to vote. And let’s face it, 92% of Black Americans voted for Gore. Now if things go in Florida as they have nearly everywhere else, the white vote was pretty much split down the middle. With one of the largest turnouts in recent history, the Black vote carried the day in this election.

While I was glued to those proceedings and litigation I can’t help but ask myself, “why with the evidence of tampering with the rights of Black voters hasn’t one of Gore’s high paid lawyers claimed protection under the 14th Amendment?” As hurtful as this sounds I think I have the answer. Blacks are okay to court on your way to the White House but not the case you want to rely on IN court to get you there. Why? Because then you’d have to admit to the entire United States that Blacks have significant value and are a political force not to be ignored. In this era of redistricting (to abrogate the Black vote) and reapportionment (to assure strong Republican districts) you just can’t have your first contingent of visitors to the White House to be Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others who would be asserting the power to address a Black agenda. Peace Out!

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