Those who read my column, you have seen that I have tried to be as frank/honest and up front as possible about the issues America! These few days and weeks have provided many testimonials from fellow Americans, who have sons and daughters fighting in Iraq. Today on TV there was a father, who had two sons, who had served one year in Iraq and were asked to go back for another stay. The father was trying to rationalize his feelings about their return. But it was not until this week when I learned that a Grandson of mine had joined the National Guard that the reality of this foolishness hit me in the belly.

My grandson said to me that he was becoming  an "Army-of-One." Surprise!! Surprise!! He had been talking to the recruiter for some time and I had told him that it was alright to talk but a no, no to sign. He said that the recruiter had picked him up several times and took him to play "Virtual Reality" military games of soldier and enemy. The enemy looked just like e Muslim in Iraq. He was also taken to play a game of "Paint Ball" with others as a team. He had looked at the options he faced in  the present job market. He was presently working three jobs and could not even pay for the car that he needed to keep his activities going. His choice was to go back to college or go to the military. He was offered a bonus to sign and a bonus when he finished basic training. So there you see if even I can lose a family member in this giant machine of  lies and propaganda - anyone can lose one!!

It was easy to see the lies that our President and Administration are telling to get the nation to fight not for eminent danger to the nation but for their personal ambitions and interest in Iraq - oil and international power. It has become a common agreed to practice for the other politicians not to call the president a liar and he would not call them one. The President said that we were going to war with Iraq to prevent them from using Weapons Of Mass Destruction thus destroying our freedoms and way of life. Even in the face overwhelming evidence that we were going to war for the profiteering of private companies and the power of oil, the America people will not say with any forcefulness that the President is lying to his fellow Americans.  But now it is personal. I wrote to my family this, "It is one thing for us as a family to silently disagree with the politics of our leaders and sit in inactivity hoping that the blood of the lamb on our house would allow death of lies to pass us over. But we cannot sit and allow our family members to be caught up in the lies and go to fight for a cause that is in fact not for the preservation of our nation and way of life but for our President’s private and retarded notions - he threatened to kill my daddy. My Grandson has now placed his life in harms way for a President and Administration, who are intellectually retarded, mean spirited, evil, selfish, and unable to emphasize with the plight of others not of their race or religion is beyond reasonable tolerance."

There is no defensible moral reason for my grandson and the families of fellow Americans to go to war while the children of our Commander-and-chief, President Bush, who is the person, who decided on this unnecessary war, stays home out of the way of harm. If my family is needed more to save our nation they are needed to serve in the law enforcement that will run down criminal elected officials the Kenneth Lays of Enron, and the other CEO;s who have ripped off our fellow Americans in shady profiteering deals, polluting and selling war materials to the enemy. My family and fellow Americans are needed on the juries  which will try the Vice President for his domestic crimes against fellow Americans - crimes which are yet to go before the Federal Grand Jury. My family is needed domestically to serve on the panels that are needed to investigate the business dealings of people such as The Chryle Group for selling weapons of Mass and individual Destruction to Iraq and other rebel nations.

If the president had read any history he would know that the worst kind of war is a war between religions. The Jews and the Palestinians is the latest example of this. This war with Iraq has become a war between Christianity and Islam. This war of dogmatic religious zealots cannot be won nor easily negotiated to a settlement. It is a war of religious dogmas who have people who in their own different ways cruel, vicious, ignorant, barbaric throw backs to the stone ages. Colin Powell asked the President did he really understand the consequences of going to war with the Muslim nation.  It is time that the real reason for America to go to war is presented to the public. Americans will fight for their rights and their way of life. But it is not realistic to think that they will fight for the past traditional reasons - rights of the rich few to do better business in other countries.

 Finally, if Bush just has to go to war for this oil, then why not use our real "Weapon Of Mass Destruction?" our "Neutron Bomb" has the ability to destroy all the collateral property/people without destroying the structures (e.g. Oil Wells, buildings. Etc). We have both kiloton and megaton, suitecase and air plane deliverable devices. Save our families and get what you want in the mean time. (Christopher Ruddy, Bomb inventor says U.S. defenses suffer because of politics, THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW,,06/15/97)

This is a real option. Although not my option.

Dr. J. Alva Scruggs,
Chemist, Educator, Professor, Writer
Look forward to hearing from readers!!!