The level of hatred and hostility towards Hillary Clinton is staggering. This is not just “nattering nabobs of negativity”: what is occurring now is more like verifiable vitriolic vehemence that is unprecedented in my lifetime. I think back to the hatred for Lyndon Johnson for perpetuating the Vietnam War or for Nixon and Kissinger for bombing Cambodia, or even the antipathy and contempt for George Bush II for his grudge matches in the Middle East coupled with the anger towards Cheney and Halliburton for thinly veiled profiteering in the Foreign Policy arena: none of these add up put together to the level of hostility towards the Democratic nominee, despite the smooth words of the soothsayers, which have no effect on those recalcitrant citizens of whom I speak now.

It goes without saying that in our history as a nation that we have never had two candidates who are more disliked by more Americans than these two, but the hatred and anger towards Hillary is something unprecedented. Some of this derives from memories of how the Clintons advanced the corporate plutocracy in which we live; much of it is economic at the core: stifled anger about the Wall Street Bailout and other debacles for which Americans will be paying for many decades to come; much of the vehemence derives quite justifiably from the perception that Hillary commandeered and manipulated the primary election results in several states that were pivotal in the primaries, and then nobody seemed to care, particularly the news media who should have written about these hijackings of the electoral process, the law enforcement officials who should have investigated the purging and vote flipping that occurred, and then appropriately taken action, and the candidate who suffered the injury more than anyone, Bernie Sanders, who seemed to prefer expedient silence rather than rocking the boat by making a serious issue of documented primary fraud. Clinton has come to symbolize the corporate plutocracy and kleptocracy run amok, in both the domestic and international contexts.

All of this quickly has eroded then knocked over the structure of our Democracy. Even when we hunt for them, we will have difficulty finding the remaining original cornerstones, other than reading the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, as if they were some tattered ancient out of date newspaper. I grieve to have to say that.

America, the melting pot, seems to be boiling over with hatred toward minorities, the rich and Wall Street, to Muslims, toward police for unjustified shootings, to anyone who is different, and, most recently towards the Democratic candidate for President. I really don’t see a case that the Republicans are actively fanning the flames for such hatred, other than bringing out the facts from time to time about what happened in Benghazi, and what really went on with the thousands of emails when she was at the helm of the State Department, etc. Yes, it is true that the Congressional hearings in the House Justice Committee and the investigations by the FBI into Clinton Foundation are all proceeding and more may be revealed in the near future.

I am a member of some 800 Facebook groups, some of which obsessively discuss nothing but Hillary’s failings, the evidence against her, election fraud, etc. Information spreads rapidly, and generally, the citizenry is far more informed and educated about what would have been minor or even entirely unnoticed and not discussed in most prior elections, something we ultimately should thank Facebook for allowing the growth of. Many of the reactions of many members are knee jerk and very quick in their hostility, but the anger is almost palpable throughout hundreds of these groups.

Just for example, and there are dozens more, here is the opening statement from Justin Vann in his group, Never Hillary: “All are welcome here, as long as you do not support HRC. We're fed up with the lying and cheating of the corrupt establishment, especially the DNC and Clinton mafia. An HRC presidency is the worst possible outcome for the 2016 election and we will do anything to ensure that she ends up in prison where she belongs.  

Here is another: from Progressives against Hillary, No More Corporate Democrats, by Debbie Lusignan of the University of Massachusetts:

This group is about objectively exposing Hillary Clinton's actual public record (and all corporate/military industrial representatives masquerading as democrats. It is my firm belief that if the public is aware of the actual actions and history of Hillary's record, they would be appalled at supporting her for the 2016 Presidential nomination. I highly encourage people participating in the group to stick to the facts of her record and refrain from personal attacks which will do nothing to help inform the public on the reality of Clinton's record. I would point out to her defenders; exposing her record and actions is not a personal attack. If what you read upsets you, remember that this page is only about reporting her political ties and how she has governed as Senator and SOS.

Democrats must stop enabling politicians who meet or exceed the betrayals of the Republican party, out of fear that a politician with a R after their name will win. It has come to the point where this is a coward's rationalization to avoid addressing the real issue we face: a corporately dictated political system where big money buys politicians of each party and we no longer hold any power within our own government. It is time to stop playing by their rules, voting for their choices, and abdicating our power out of despair and fear.


A few weeks ago I wrote a series of articles about the idea that Bernie Sanders would make a good Vice President and this was the only way Trump could be defeated. This article , and it sparked thousands of responses, ranging from “I would never vote for her even if “God-Jesus Christ-or-the Dalai Lama” were her running mate or to hoping to see Clinton in prison, and particularly, the desperate shift to wanting to get behind the Green or Libertarian candidate, which I understand of course but find to be a childish adolescent response akin to taking my toys and going home to play which doesn’t recognize that such a vote would be thrown away in a meaningless idealistic gesture.

However, I don’t believe at all that we as Americans should have to choose between the least of two evils. In the comments that follow, remember that we are taking the pulse of the American public in a way, and these are honest and sincere sentiments, which, when viewed in toto, are surprising in the aggregate. Here are some of the responses, and the most eloquent and articulate of which came from signers of the petition I wrote asking the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, to redo the New York Primary by Federal Court order, based on the unprecedented and egregious levels of civil rights violations in the 330,000 people who were purged from voting rolls:


Carol Hexem: The best thing for this country and every county on our planet is for the Democratic Party to die. We are being told we have to choose between Evil (Trump) and Greater Evil (Clinton). You don't have to open your mind too wide to see she is the greater evil. I am including a video link of Jill Stein. This is not a throw away vote, we are now faced with Evil or Greater Evil, why would you vote for either. If Bernie is VP he will be powerless among a sea of Democrats and Republicans or as I like to say a sea of Evil and Evil. The best thing to come of this revolution Bernie started is the support of a totally uncorrupt party and that is the Green party.

Judy Blaisdell: Most likely, he could be more effective in the Senate than by being her lap dog. Most of Bernie's supporters would follow him anywhere as long as it does not involve voting for Hillary. No, I want Bernie for President. I don't think that Hillary has the integrity or the wisdom to be President. I do not think it is "her turn." I want Bernie or nothing.

Jerry Lobdill commenting at OpEdNews: Real Politik is death to our vision of the future of the nation and the world. Don't forget that it's not Congress who controls our war-making and MIC spending, and it's not Congress who controls the economics of the nation. It's not Congress who can get Wall Street out of government. What power do you think the President of the Senate has?

Bernie spent all his campaign time laying out his plans, and we thought we could trust him. Now, with no apology and no discussion he has suddenly capitulated and is supporting the devil incarnate. He has left us holding the bag. It is folly to think that the next 4 years of neoliberal government will leave us time to right the ship. It's time to abandon ship or go down with it.

We can't trust anyone who joins with Hillary. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. We need a real revolution, and we're not getting it.




Colleen Caddell commenting in Uncensored Progressives: Anger and outrage at the DNC is palpable, and thousands have made their minds up that, under NO circumstances, will they vote for Hillary if she wins the Democratic nomination. I am still and will remain steadfastly behind Bernie, and will wait till the very end results of the convention, before heeding his far-reaching vision for America, which is to rally behind the Democratic Party, NO MATTER who's the nominee, in order to keep Trump from becoming President. THAT is our worse-case scenario!

Marica Kirschbaum: My thought is I just can't see that Bernie could work under HRC's thumb and it might actually tarnish his image in the long run, because as you know, nothing is her fault. She'd run him under the bus anytime and anywhere, as she has already done throughout this campaign.

Judy Goldstock: It would kill me to see Bernie teamed up with a liar warmonger sociopath.

Eleanor Martinez: The GOP tactics used by the Democratic Party, a party I've been a member of since 1974, has disgusted and angered me so thoroughly that, after the convention, I will be permanently leaving this party. I will not associate myself with such a reprehensible organization. Maybe the Democratic Party NEEDS to die. Or at least be seriously gutted.

Cindy Conry: I like your thinking in that without him on the ticket, she hasn't a chance. However, I also don't think that she would pick anyone as ethical as Bernie. She would ALWAYS have to watch her back because her history shows scandal after scandal. Changing ones behavior is not easy. First you have to recognize the behavior and admit it. I don't think she is capable of that.

Priscilla Herochik: Given the fact that Trump is tied with Clinton in most of the swing states, I’m very worried that the Democrats will lose to Trump. A Trump/Pence ticket would be a nightmare if they were elected. I cannot understand how the DNC can be so blind as to the excess baggage that Hillary Clinton carries into this election. It’s like they have blinders on and only want to see that it’s her turn to be the first Woman president. That makes no sense at all to me.

Katherine Treffi: I hate that Hillary would be president. She scares me. I think her lack of control and sociopathic tendencies could lead us right into a world war with Russia and China. I would like to see Bernie in a position of as much power as possible. And if by some miracle they go into investigating the Clinton Foundation the whole house of cards would fall and Bernie would be President [if he were VP].

Dr. Jan Kirsch: Some Bernie followers will hurl expletives at you, or worse - say that you have sold out or lost moral stamina. But you already know this. Those of us who know you understand that you are striving to make the most of Sanders' determined efforts for real change. I would easily support this alternative before allowing Trump to triumph. I have already smelled the Reichstag burning.

Bobbie Oakland: I agree that Bernie's supporters will abandon the Democratic Party and anyone associated with it because that is what I will do.

Tamara Myers: I am 58 and have been a lifelong Democrat. I will not vote for Hillary even if Bernie is her VP. I will vote for ANYONE who can beat her in the election.

Liz Greil: She got to where she is by cheating and it would be naive to think it won't happen in the general as well.

Thomas Goodfellow: Bernie will still be a US Senator with a considerable mandate that cannot be ignored. I think he would be more effective there as a moral compass.

Darin Singleton: The facade of allowing even the most timid of Progressive planks in the Democratic platform will be quickly and completely ignored, Progressives will be further marginalized, and a new generation of potential Progressive voters will be utterly alienated by the open and brazen corruption of the political process.

Andy Ball: I find it incredulous that Bernie is so naive that he's not aware of how much she is despised by the electorate.

Joan Banach: It is a dispiriting and sadness and disbelief of a profound nature when I see Bernie Sanders onstage with Clinton - knowing, believing, how hard it was to do what he had to do. Post Sanders private tete-a-tete with Obama, Sanders entire demeanor changed. I don't know what was said, but it marked a quantum change in his energy. His effort to reconcile and go forward is something heroic.

The DNC is a dead, corrupt, and dysfunctional organization in my view. I was appalled by their treatment of Sanders, and by their blind stupidity. I have been a lifelong democrat, but I plan to reregister as an Independent when this charade, this disaster of an election is over.