Unfortunately, we’ve just had another open theft of retired worker’s benefits, this time Whirlpool management stealing the health care coverage of retired former Hoover workers and their families. Once again, we see “Carpetbag” managers brought in from outide our community, Whirlpool, which took over the Hoover plant, coming here to steal from hard-working families who’d earned these benefits. Health care is not some type of “entitlement” for these hard-working families, it is a right guaranteed these folks by the IBEW contract. These working families earned those health care benefits, and gave up wages and other benefits in order to assure that their families would be provided with health care after they retired. Like pirates of old, Whirlpool management has come into our community only to plunder our friends, neighbors, leaving behind diaster while obsconding with the wealth of our community! They’ve done this in other communities across the nation. We say---IT ENDS HERE, RESTORE HEALTH CARE TO THE HOOVER WORKER’S FAMILIES!


SOAR (Steelworker’s Oganization of Active Retirees) wholeheartedly condemns Whirlpool’s action, and calls on all local officials, organized labor and all justice-minded people to stand united in support of the IBEW/Hoover worker’s families, and demand that their health care be restored! We know firsthand what happens when corporate interests victimize working families and their communities. Republic steelworkers pensions, health care, was stolen by the Pension Benefit Guanantee Corporation during the Bush administration. This theft is costing our community over $50 milllion/year. Stark county cannot stand another corporate blow!

We call on the shareholders of Whirlpool to stop this attack on working families & to restore these retiree’s health care! Senator Sherrod Brown is calling for the worker’s health care to be restored. We call on Senator Portman, Congressman Renacci and all other elected officials to do likewise. DEFEND OUR COMMUNITY & HOOVER WORKER’S HEALTH CARE!

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