Killing the Patsy. 

Shortly after JFK was assassinated by more than one shooter on 11/22/63 (making the assassination a true conspiracy – rather than a non-conspiratorial “lone-gunman” shooting) the CIA devised a cunning ploy by inventing the pejorative “conspiracy theorist” terminology in order to cast doubt upon and discredit those who had taken on as their patriotic duty the need to investigate what was indeed just another of the Big Lies that regularly come from political entities that want our trust and votes.


Big Lies also come in advertising campaigns from corporations that want our trust and money; from government and military entities that want our taxes, trust and allegiance; and from the for-profit media entities that want our trust and purchases. All those entities were somehow involved in the crime - and the cover-up - of the events of 9/11/01.


As JFK researcher and James Fetzer collaborator Charles Drago was quoted as saying:

“Anyone sincerely interested in this case who does not conclude that JFK was murdered as the result of a conspiracy is either unfamiliar with the evidence or cognitively impaired.” – Charles R. Drago


And the same could be said about the 9/11/01 conspiracy.


Both the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission were, in effect, saying:


“Hey you American idiots, listen up. How many times do we have to tell you that this case is closed? We got our crazed lone gunmen; now just be obedient Good Americans and resume your brain-numbing shopping, entertainment, amusements, celebrity worship and vegetating on the couch cheering for your favorite professional football, baseball, hockey or basketball team.


“Just move on. There’s nothing to see here.”


<<<Just Move On; There’s Nothing More to See Here>>>


Or they may try to reassure us a bit more diplomatically by saying “trust us when we say that those crimes were committed by lone gunmen like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray or Sirhan Sirhan (despite all the evidence to the contrary). Those cases have been neatly wrapped up (by hook or by crook).”


“So just move on – there is nothing more to see here; but, should you continue to have doubts about our official stories, just be sure to remember what happens to conscientious whistleblowers like Jesus, Martin Luther King, Paul Wellstone, Chelsey Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, etc when they go poking around where they’re not welcome as they did their duty to warn others by exposing the criminal activities of establishment evil-doers.”


There have been many America military/government/corporate conspiratorial dirty tricks that were initially denied by the powers-that-be but which were later acknowledged to be conspiracies after diligent, courageous, whistle-blowing, investigative journalists exposed the irrefutable facts. In every case the powers-that-be had been calling the truth-seekers untrustworthy “conspiracy theorists”.


Such a list could mention hundreds of examples, including the following short list that occurred during recent American presidential administrations:

1) Of significant note was the proto-fascist, pro-corporate conspiracy to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934. The plot was conceived of and funded by Republican Party financial elites who hated FDR - and admired (and wished to replicate) Hitler’s “economic fascist miracle” that had resulted in tremendous growth and profits for German corporations (as he was preparing for war in Germany’s rapidly developing armaments industries). The plot was foiled by the whistle-blowing, two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner US Marine Major General Smedley Butler, who had been secretly approached by several titans of industry to lead the pro-fascist coup. Implicated, but never punished, were Wall Street giants such as theDuPonts, S. B. Colgate, Alfred P. Sloan, J. P. Morgan, former secretary of State Elihu Root, Al Smith and Prescott Bush, grandfather of future president George W. Bush;

2) The Eisenhower-era’s U2 spy plane that was shot-down over the USSR;

3) The Kennedy-era conspiracy, Operation Northwoods, which was the US Joint Chiefs of Staff plot to start a war against Cuba by blowing up innocent US citizens and then blaming it on Castro;

4) The Johnson-era’s conspiratorial Gulf of Tonkin false flag episode that falsely justified the US invasion of North Vietnam; and the cover-up of the Israeli Air Force’s attack on the USS Liberty;

5) The My Lai Massacre and the conspiratorial cover-up;

6) The Nixon era FBI’s anti-leftist COINTELPRO;

7) President Richard Nixon’s Watergate conspiracy;

8) The CIA’s conspiratorial MK Ultra mind control program;

9) The conspiratorial secret bombing of Cambodia;

10) Ronald Reagan’s lies about trickle-down economics and the illegal wars that devastated Central America;

11) The conspiratorial Iran-Contra scandal (selling weapons to Iran in exchange for US hostages);

12) George Bush the Elder’s conspiring to encourage Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait;

13) George Bush the Elder’s conspiratorial efforts to promote the fictional Kuwaiti baby-killing that prompted Congress to start Gulf War I;

14) The CIA’s conspiratorial drug-running operations;

15) The Clinton-era’s conspiratorial secret negotiations that fast-tracked NAFTA (which encouraged corporations to ship manufacturing jobs overseas);

16) The George Bush the Younger and his Vice President Dick Cheney’s conspiratorial CIA Black -op Sites for purposes of torture;

17) George Bush the Younger’s lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction and the illegal wiretapping of Americans;

18) The “collateral murder” of innocent Iraqis in Baghdad – (google ”collateral murder”);

19) The Bush and Obama-era’s use of – and denials about – the drone program to ambush and extra-judicially massacre terrorism “suspects”;

20) And, of course, the mother of all conspiracies (9/11) that has been lied about and denied by all living presidents, vice presidents and major political party leaders and their obedient sycophants:

21) The proven facts that massively steel-reinforced skyscrapers can’t burn down and cannot be brought down by fragile and soft aluminum jet planes or by office fires but were instead conclusively brought down by pre-planted, computer-controlled demolitions (thus exonerating the terminally-ill and disabled Osama bin Laden of the crime as well as the 19 falsely-accused Arab Muslims - six of whom were reliably reported to be alive and well and living in the Middle East shortly after 9/11/01).


And thus the immediate deaths of the 300 plus New York firefighters (and the lingering deaths of thousands more firefighters and assorted other rescue workers that were exposed immediately to the multitude of chemicals and other substances in the toxic WTC dust and later in the smoldering pile of rubble) and the 3,000 innocent civilian victims occurred not because of jet plane impacts but because of the pre-planted explosives and resultant incinerations, thus also proving that the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, et al were begun on the basis of a conspiratorial false flag operation.


So – back to the title question - why do so many average American citizens prefer to think that our government, our Congress, our Presidents, our Vice Presidents, our CIA, our FBI, our major media, etc would be telling the truth about the events that allowed thousands of pseudo-patriotic (or cognitively impaired) scoundrels to lead America into a series of military misadventures that have already cost both current and future American taxpayers uncountable trillions of scarce dollars, not to mention the current perpetual war quagmire and planetary pollution that has no visible end, as long as there are profits to be made from war.


<<<Why do Good Americans Today Sometimes act Like Their Counterparts in Germany in the 1930s and 40s?>>>


Admittedly, many American citizens have been effectively brain-washed and many have been too busy, too distracted, too exhausted, too patriotic, too TV-addicted and too mesmerized by entertainment or professional sports to have even bothered to look at the abundance of evidence that proves that 9/11 was perpetrated – and then covered-up - by assorted, well-known and previously well-respected, politically-involved Americans who now have a lot to hide and a lot to lose if the truth was ever allowed to be spoken and the real criminals indicted. The Cheney/Bush insiders, the Project for the New American Century and the guilty members of US military/industrial/congressional complex have been actively covering their backsides, professing innocence, since Day One.


One can assume that there are many Good American citizens who may be cognitively unable to separate truth from fiction and have succumbed to the continuous barrage of Big Lie propaganda efforts that are rampant in the media (with no balancing information allowed in the major media outlets that could – if they were in the least bit honorable – dig out and expose the real truth). In other words, many good folks simply believe what they have been told. Without good information, one cannot see clearly.


Lack of interest, lack of time, lack of critical thinking skills, lack of resources, blindered patriotism, borderline intelligence, too much propaganda or the inability to do the necessary internet searches, can be factors in accepting what others know are untruths - as can the inability to think clearly because of the use of addictive, brain-numbing, legal brain-altering psych drugs, illicit brain-altering drugs or alcohol.


Many Good Americans only get their news and thus form their opinions from pseudo-patriotic, pro-corporate, for-profit sources which operate under water-tight political agendas that prohibit the publication of any information exposing official secrets.


Even here in northeast Minnesota, the only print media outlet that has allowed discussions about 9/11 and other controversial issues is the courageous alternative newsweekly that publishes my weekly Duty to Warn columns, the Duluth Reader (Google for many articles that courageously expose the truths that have been censored out by the mainstream media).


Over the past 17 years, the commercial daily papers and television/radio outlets in my area have consistently refused to print or broadcast commentary articles or even letters to the editor that offer alternative views that are considered dangerous by the “authorities” – and therefore they have been censored-out of the consciousness of their readers, viewers and listeners.


And that reality is also true of the rest of the nation. The vast majority of American newspapers, radio and television stations are politically very conservative, very pro-militarist, very patriotic and very pro-business. After all they rely on corporate sponsorship, governmental approval and so have to pull their punches when reporting the news.


It can be said that the reporting policies of my Duluth-area media outlets are not unlike the corporate-owned and corporate-controlled mainstream media outlets all over America and all over most of the rest of the world when it comes to running away from - or intentionally ignoring - unwelcome, truthful points of view that seem “unpatriotic”, too progressive, too anti-war, too “anti-empire” or too willing to expose their corporate sponsors of wrong-doing. Any information about taboo subjects, if it is printed at all, is muted and placed on the back pages with clever “balancing” information that makes the serious accusations seem almost irrelevant. Censorship abounds.


<<<What Motivates a Media Outlet to Become Part of a Censorship Campaign Against Truth-seekers?>>>


One has to wonder: “what motivates a media outlet to willingly become part of a censorship campaign against the 30 – 40 % of Americans who know with certainty that what they report about 9/11 is just cunning propaganda?” The evidence that casts doubt on or disproves the official lies is so over-whelming that many clear-thinking foreigners, whose media aren’t consciously trying to hide the truth about 9/11, regard us Americans as being idiots or dupes when it comes to 9/11 issues.


One clue about what might be behind the press censorship concerning 9/11 truths was revealed in an outrageous rejection letter that a 9/11 truth-seeking friend of mine received years ago from the editorial editor of my local daily newspaper after she had sent in a letter exposing some of the lies about 9/11. Her well-written piece had outlined a few of the many reasons why the official story about 9/11 could not possibly be true. Her letter was rejected out of hand. Here is the letter that she received from the editor:


To: ______ ___;
Subject: RE: Advice

You're probably going to find this offensive and maddening, and I'm sorry for that, but we've been quite reluctant to publish letters espousing conspiracy theories. Even if you got this down to 300 words, I doubt we'd publish it at this time. The claims you're making aren't unknown; entire books have been written about them. But they're also not widely accepted or proven.

My regrets and apologies,
_____ _________, Editorial Page Editor


This weak explanation came from a newspaper that has published a large number of provably false opinion pieces and letters to the editor from, for example, deniers of climate change; people who claim that the planet is actually getting colder  (in spite of all the evidence); believers in the Rapture theory; pro-war types proclaiming that America was winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; those who believe that our military is doing God’s work; and deniers of the documented tortures, rapes, murders and assorted other atrocities that the Pentagon has admitted to, apologized for and paid reparations for. And that is a short list.


<<<What if America’s Editors and Publishers had been in the Newspaper Business in Germany in the 1930s?>>>


One can’t help but wonder what would be the editorial stances of the owners, publishers and editors of our mainstream American newspapers if they had time-traveled back to the pro-war, pro-empire, racist, fascist, militarized, police state that was Germany 70 years ago. Would they have willingly printed Hitler’s “widely accepted” stories and letters to the editor that irrationally imprisoned and even condemned to death minorities like Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and homosexuals on the pseudoscience of genetic and racial superiority? Would they have printed letters discussing Nazi atrocities?


Would our supposedly more enlightened “modern” newspapers have courageously accused Hitler, his fascist government and his loyal killing soldiers of conspiring to commit crimes against humanity? I think not. The costs of doing good investigative journalism in Hitler’s Germany would have been too high.


And the costs of doing good investigative journalism into what really happened on 9/11/01 has apparently been too high as well.


I suppose that not many of us would have had the courage to resist the tyrants who were in political power in 1930s Germany. And such continues to be the case 90 years later.


The questions above are entirely appropriate for those of us trying to survive in our racist, militarist and morally/financially bankrupt American Empire where 1) corrupt crony capitalism is rampant and unregulated; 2) where the media is under the control of amoral mega-corporations and their assorted sociopathic billionaire owners who really don’t give a damn about the survivability of the planet or the well-being of the lowliest of the earth’s inhabitants; 3) where poverty, economic inequality and oppression is crushing people everywhere; 4) where the punitive politics of the far right is trying to achieve total control of all branches of our government; and 5) where a militarized police state is rapidly emerging.


My newspaper’s editorial page editor mentioned above is likely just parroting what his publisher had ordered him to say in rejecting a fully documentable essay that disputed the US government’s official story. The principle that only “widely accepted or proven” opinions are printed in my paper was, of course, patently untrue - or it was being applied very selectively. What is really frightening is the fact that the opinion pages of most of America’s mainstream media are adhering to a similar fear-based, blacklisting mentality that raised its ugly head during the paranoid, hard right-wing politics of the McCarthy era where American fascism thrived for a while.


But there is another agenda at work here in 21st century America, and it isn’t democracy in action.


<<<The Deniers of 9/11 Truth: Blindly, Patriotically and/or Ignorantly Accepting the Big Lie>>>


The question posited by the title of this long article explores the dilemma faced by truth-seekers who have the facts that totally refute the Big Lies about 9/11/01.


These so-called “9/11 Truthers” or “conspiracy theorists” (pejorative terms designed to demean them) have been attempting to inform individuals and institutions that have chosen to remain (obediently and patriotically) ignorant about the documentable truths about what really happened on 9/11/01: that pre-planted, controlled demolitions pulverized into fine dust the three WTC towers on 9/11/01 and that these demolitions could not have been accomplished by anybody other than insiders.


It is obvious to every astute and unbiased investigator that 9/11/01 was a false flag event that has successfully destabilized the world and has started the series of perpetual US-led wars all around the world, wars that have destroyed and are continuing to destroy the lives of soldiers on all sides of the conflicts (and their families), as well as innumerable, innocent women and children, tribes, cultures, religions, economies (including our own) and the very planet we live on. And, it must be mentioned, our illegal, ill-advised and stupid military aggression has raised up billions of mortal enemies of America all around the world whose enmity and justified desire for revenge will never be appeased until “the American Great Satan” is finally and deservedly destroyed.

The future of a livable America and a livable earth is in the balance. American political leaders HAVE TO change America away from its abusive, uber-militaristic, uber-nationalistic, pro-corporate past and present into an apologetic, earth-friendly, compassionate, non-militaristic world leadership role that truly cares about the well-being of all the planet’s inhabitants - before it’s too late.