In a five day period in early May, the United States was justifiably slapped around at the United Nations. It’s about time. While the mainstream media encourages U.S. citizens to angerly mutter “Why are they picking on us? We’re so good,” the reality is the U.S. deserved to be voted off the Human Rights Commission on May 3. This is the first time in the history of that body that the U.S. has not had a seat on the Commission. It would be an irony of the highest sort to keep the U.S. on the Commission when our current president routinely executed people as Governor of Texas at a rate higher than the vast majority of nations in the world. The U.S. came in last of the four nominated countries – Sweden, France and Austria. Not only do they all have better records on Human Rights, they all have significantly higher rates of voter turnout. With the recent findings by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission – the fact that for every ten black votes not counted in Florida’s last election, only one white vote was voided – perhaps the first thing the U.N. Human Rights Commission could do would be to investigate the massive human rights violations in the rogue state of Florida.

In an equally embarrassing blow, the United States lost its seat on the U.N.’s international drug monitoring committee, the 13-member International Narcotics Control Board on May 7. Of course, as the world’s largest drug market and the democracy most frequently cited for having intelligence assets involved in drug-running, perhaps the U.S. should have remained on the Board so the other members could keep an eye on the U.S. CIA. Maybe they could send home the former U.S. delegate on Air America or Southern Air Transport or Evergreen Airlines or a host of other planes that were engaged in questionable covert practices in the past.

What Bush found in his recent trip to Europe is that his backward so-called simple-minded Texas drawl, which passes for “charm” in the Republic of Texas is held with contempt among our allies and trading partners. It appears the best way to start a riot anywhere in Western Europe is to send His Fraudulency, Bush the Lesser, on a public tour.

While pick-up trucks and shotgun racks and lethal injections may be pretty neat in the Longhorn State, they seem like regressive B.S. on the Continent. What’s Bush have to offer the people of Europe? Global warming, the death penalty and a new and unneeded arms race. No wonder they rioted.