If anyone thinks that there is anything high minded, noble, patriotic or praiseworthy about what Dick Cheney and the Cons engineered in Iraq, they should sign up for SSI disability because they lost all brain function.

First, the 9-11 crock complete with Pearl Harbor hystrionic and media manipulation is about as credible as an invasion of purple space aliens off the Long Island Sound. That was engineered to support the fear based hellacious pretext for a world war of crusade proportion with the wierd conflation of the alleged terrorism of a secular country wholly unrelated to that still floating around nomad named Bin Laden.

Second, just look at the holdings and profits of Exxon Mobile. Then look at their prospectuses from 2000-2004 and look at their joint ventures around the world with Halliburton. That's right. The Kellog Brown and Root parent company. The same company getting profits off feeding the troops, and being secured by the troops, is linked to the oil company which has the most to gain by the invasion of Iraq. Fancy how that works. The sameone that Dick Cheney worked for and still received or receives deferred stock options of- are they deferred completely or just paid into one of his blind trusts? Then look at the Cheney Energy Task Force. Look how Cheney doesn't want you to see what's in the Energy task force or who is part of it. Heck, he doesn't even want you to know who showed up to talk to him even though he is a public servant and it's a government salaried job and he is on the people's business. Sure. Dick Cheney is on the people's business like PeeWee Herman is a boy scout troop leader. Dick Cheney is on Dick Cheney's padded pocket kick back business and out to sea in his own multimillion dollar Saint Michael estate yaughting business. The liar through his snarling demoniac brutish mean-spirited twisted sinister dark possession has engineered and implemented the mass murder of more US citizens than he first killed off on 9-11. Then he mass murdered more of them -hundreds of thousands of them in the service of what- $3.00 gas and $50 a barrell?

If you are not completely sick at your stomach to a point where you don't want to cry, leave the country or kill yourself you are just not awake.

It really isn't hard to put this all together. No bid Halliburton contracts. The law in Iraq now being forceably made to faciliate US oil companies engaging in PSAs -Production Sharing Agreements with the US puppet installed Iraq government.

Do we really want to allow this to go down as a historical precedent- that Oil companies can hijack our country to do their business bidding to get them better deals when dealing with unfriendly governments- to a point where they can dictate the killing off of thousands of our and Allied troops, and the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who never asked for us to come and take out their leader and invade and occupy them.

The US people were never at risk from Saddam Hussein but we are going to make sure he hangs anyway.

The US people were always and continue to be far more at risk from Dick Cheney.

Do we have any business whatsoever in Iraq manipulating their government to serve our oil based economy? Absolutely not under any moral paradigm. Should we get the hell out of Iraq more or less immediately? ABSO"F"INGLUTELY.

And we should lock up almost everyone on the Energy Task Force if we ever figure out who they are, and send Dick Cheney to rot in that private island of the Coast of San Francisco called Alcatraz until he dies for making the last six years for almost everyone in Iraq and America utter sheer hell on earth.

Investigate Congress, all you want, but do it quick, do it serious, and do is hard, because people are going to lose patience and it is not too unforseeable that someone - some nut- or some very sane person- is going to realize that vigilanteism is the only true Justice any of us are going to see.