ne thing – and only one thing – can save our democracy and our Earth: a unified grassroots progressive movement.

It must be hugely diverse in terms of age, race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation and more.

It must draw our national and global activist community out of its silos and into the streets and suites.

So on Monday (August 30, 1-5 p.m. Eastern Time), we are co-convening the first zoomed National Justice Roundtable, opened by the great Dolores Huerta, a monumental networking moment meant to join together activists and campaigners on a wide range of vital issues, including DC Statehood, Election Protection/Voter Engagement, environmental protection/Solartopian conversion, and Social Justice/Ending Poverty & Homelessness.

The Roundtable will host activists, campaigners, and organizers from everywhere explaining who they are, what they do, what victory will look like, and how we can get there together.

In other words, we will lay the groundwork for the progressive movement as a whole to join their campaigns in a unified march to real social change and political effectiveness.

The Roundtable has emerged from 63 weekly 90-minute Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom calls that have helped link voter engagement and ballot expert groups since April 2020. Among other things, some of the vital connections that made possible the Georgia Miracle of November 2020/January 2021 happened at the GREEP meetings. We hope for similar miraculous synergies to emerge from the National Justice Roundtable gatherings and follow-ups.

This Monday’s gathering inaugurates a 14-month cycle of networking zooms that will include monthly 3-hour sessions, each specific to DC Statehood, Election Protection, Saving the Earth and Social Justice. In January, May, and October of 2022 we’ll convene updated Roundtable Gatherings, keeping focused and active through next fall’s off-year elections, and then through the presidential race of 2024.

By then we may know if American democracy and human survival are possible – and we hope to have affected the outcome.

So please, no matter what specific issue you work on, get out of your silos and onto the National Justice Roundtable Unified zooms, starting this Monday.

This movement will also include a “Smart ALEC” headed by Joel Segal to draft, promote, and pass vital legislation aimed at moving our nation and species toward safety and sanity.

Together we can save our planet, our democracy, and ourselves. With unity – and only with unity – we can win.

So join us!


Joel Segal and Harvey Wasserman co-convene the National Justice Roundtable and the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition. To RSVP for Monday’s zoom, contact Joel at Harvey’s new People’s Spiral of US History is at

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