This week, Boehner helped aggressively spread the story of a New York man unable to cover his toddler on his new family insurance plan through the Affordable Care Act.
Turns out that, despite coverage in the New York Post, the man's appearance on Fox, and Boehner's posts on his website and Twitter account, the man was simply mistaken—he'd typed the wrong number when listing his family members. "100% false," as a spokesman for New York's Department of Health said. "Of course, everyone is covered in the family policy."
This is just one of many mistaken, falsified, or debunked stories being spread since the rollout of the new health care exchanges. The difference this time? Boehner has yet to apologize, edit the post on his website, or even delete the tweet he posted. He's apparently standing by this story.

But it's one thing for the media to settle for bad journalism—it's another for the nation's most powerful lawmaker to go around perpetuating lies. Can you join other MoveOn members in publicly calling on Boehner to apologize?

Click here to tweet at Speaker Boehner and tell him, "Hey @SpeakerBoehner, remember Cornelius Kelly? Well, the story was fake. It's time you apologized for spreading #Obamacare lies."

We already know that Boehner faked having problems on when signing himself up. Now, he's lifting up falsified stories about other people—people who live nowhere near Ohio! That's why it's important for MoveOn members in Ohio to go directly to Speaker Boehner and hold him accountable.

The Affordable Care Act is the most monumental legislation to be passed in decades—and it's already helped millions of Americans. John Boehner may never acknowledge the Affordable Care Act's success, but that doesn't mean he's entitled to spread lies to ensure its failure. Can you call out the speaker today?

Click here to tweet at Speaker Boehner and demand an apology.

Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Bobby, Jessica, Alex, and the rest of the team

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