We blitz at the beginning wIth MYLA RESON announcing job availability to run the upcoming election for the Pacifica Radio Network, confirming the democratic control of the nation’s oldest progressive media network.
We then open with PROF. MICHAEL ZWEIG, who checks in on the current progress of the Poor People’s Campaign.
TATANKA BRICCA, WENDI LEDERMAN, RAY MCCLENDON, JUSTIN LEBLANC, HEDY TRIPP and others fuel our deep dive into the tortured political realities of TAYLOR SWIFT & America’s number one professional sport right now.
JERRY ASHTON joins us to explain his amazingly successful campaign to retire medical debt, a cause now being considered by the states of Connecticut and New Jersey.  Jerry’s work has retired $11 billion of medical debt among the general population, and is now moving heavily into retiring the medical debt of veterans.
As part of this critical discussion, DAVID SALTMAN reports on the astonishing ordeal of his sister, who has been crippled by a tree falling in San Francisco’s recent wind storm.  Only her union medical coverage will save her from bankruptcy.  
DR. NANCY NIPARKO then joins us with a fascinating, important and truly memorable report on the desperate need for a single-payer Medicare-for-All system to cover the medical costs of all Americans.  Dr. Niparko’s genius presentation underscores one of the most important challenges average Americans, whose number one cause for financial bankruptcy stems from an inability to pay their doctor bills.
Nancy’s presentation is joined by PAUL NEWMAN, a major activist in grassroots California’s campaign for single-payer universal coverage of medical care.
CAMILLA REES asks the critical question about who would oppose universal care and why.
After comments from MIKE HERSH, Dave, Wendi, Myla and Justin, we leave the question to be answered through the ages.