macho cult leader can’t seem a mere mortal.

As a dictator-to-be, Trump may be done.

He’s the second White Supremacist president brought down by a virus he helped spread. He’s the second mobster-in-chief desperate for a pardon to stay out of prison.

If the Election Protection movement continues to fight, the election Trump has planned to steal or ignore may now be beyond him. Shy of staying in the White House, only a Mike Pence pardon can keep Trump out of the Big House.

He’s a morbidly obese 74-year-old, precisely the COVID’s favorite demographic.

His Evangelical Death Cult loves his rapist, mobster self as a Lordly trickster, sent down to shutter the feminist uterus and shoot infidels of color.

Both Britain’s Boris Johnson and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro got through the virus. Both were weakened. Neither faced an election 33 days away.

Trump could survive.

He still must answer to the 207,000 humans he helped kill, the millions he got infected, and the countless more he personally sickened (as at his recent rally in Cleveland) by refusing to wear a mask and trashing those who do.

But Election Protectionists better double down, because nothing is more dangerous (or unpredictable) than a cornered beast.

There’ll be no more “debates.” No mass rallies. No fawning sky pilots touting his Divinity. Trump’s Death Cult seems in tatters.

That “fake” coronavirus may get him drinking bleach, mainlining hydroxychloroquine, running infrared lights up his veins. But he’s a god no more.

In 1919 the “Spanish Flu” that killed 675,000 Americans stroked out Trump’s fellow racist, Woodrow Wilson, whose wife hid his dementia until he left the White House in a daze.

In 1974, Dick Nixon traded his escape for a pardon from VP Ford; it cost Gerry the 1976 election.

Trump will lose a fair 2020 vote count. His debacle debate and coup talk have freaked the uber-rich, who value stability above all (see The Lincoln Project).

But when a thug is down, he flips the table.

The planet has probably never been in greater peril.

Time is short. He could blow up the Earth.

But he could also blackmail Pence for his pardon, claim illness and leave without losing, for which there’s no quid pro quo to the quintessential narcissist.

Could Pence then beat Biden?

That would depend on Election Protection.

Trump's been betting on a dictatorial trifecta: stripping the voter rolls, trashing vote-by-mail and early voting, then flipping the vote count.

His bully fascists are already attacking the polls.

But a national Election Protection movement has risen to resist.

Remembering Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, and Wisconsin-Michigan-Pennsylvania 2016 — be it Trump or Pence, by election theft or coup d’état — our lives depend on protecting what little is left of our tattered democracy. 

That wavering sliver of middle-aged midwestern middle-roaders won’t do it.

This election will turn on how many millennials come out to vote, work the polls, protect the outcome. A Democratic promise to abolish student debt and re-green the planet would help.

But the millions who marched for George Floyd MUST show up to beat an attempted coup, COVID or otherwise.

The Democrats must also deny Trump’s corrupt appointment to RBG’s pivotal Supreme Court seat. (There are ample procedural ways to do it. We MUST guarantee they do.)

Team Trump’s wounds are a two-edged sword. There’s ALWAYS that screaming movie moment when the beast seems dead ... then leaps for the jugular.

Until he’s gone from the White House, pardon in hand (with Pence following close behind) Trump is a death threat to both American democracy and the entire human species.

We gotta protect this and all future elections. We gotta green/solarize our place in this eco-system.

Nature may be offering us a karmic opening.

Let’s GRAB IT, dammit!!!

Harvey Wasserman co-convenes the Monday Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom dissecting vote theft. His People’s Spiral of US History awaits Trump’s departure at Solartopia. California Solartopia airs at KPFK/Pacifica, Los Angeles; Green Power & Wellness podcasts at

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