We start GREEP Zoom #171 with the great NORM STOCKWELL, Publisher of the legendary Progressive Magazine, telling us how gerrymandering has been reversed in Wisconsin.

It’s a huge victory for democracy that needs to be celebrated, with tangible progressive impacts for years to come…and outcome that could only have happened with grassroots election organizing..

The legendary JOHN BRAKEY then fills us in on the battles for democracy in Arizona, where the outcome for 2024 could decide the Presidency.

JAN PERELMAN, running for Congress in Florida, reports on killer developments in that uniquely tortured state.

MYLA RESON inserts her concerns about the Sunshine State’s horrendous nuclear power plants.

We then hear from DOROTHY REIK and DR. RUTH STRAUSS about the latest assault on birth control and abortion pills as approved by the FDA, now in front of the US Supreme Court.

We open our section on political prisoners with STEVE DONZIGER, who continues to be prosecuted by Chevron for his powerful work for social and ecological justice.

VINNIE DeSTEFANO updates us on the attempts to bring JULIAN ASSANGE to the United States for further torture and persecution.

TATANKA BRICCA reminds us of the horrific forever attack against LEONARD PELTIER.

And JEFF MACKLER provides chapter and verse on the four-decade incarceration of MUMIA ABU-JAMAL.

Finally, WENDI LEDERMAN and PAUL NEWMAN add to the mix of a truly powerful testimony to the wrongness of these prosecutions and the incredible power of the defendants and their supporters.