Our GREE-GREE #132 foreshadows the major victory in Wisconsin’s critical state Supreme Court race that is being widely ranked as “the most important election of 2023.”

We hear from ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground, NORM STOCKWELL of, and THOMAS NELSON of grassroots Wisconsin on the coming of what would be a huge victory for the Progressive movement.

We know as you’re listening to this that the left-leaning “Judge Janet” Protasiewicz won this crucial judgeship by a substantial margin.  She beat a MAGA Republican.

So if you want to know how this happened, listen in to the powerful views of a critically important trio of organizer/activists who helped make this progressive victory happened.

We then turn to BRYNN TANNEHILL and her uniquely brilliant systemic presentation on the national assault against the rights and freedoms of trans Americans.

Among much more, Brynn tells us that “gun rights” stalwarts who NEVER want to limit gun ownership now want to make it illegal for trans citizens to own a gun.[IN OUR SECOND HOUR, FOR NEXT WEEK:


In our latest GREE-GREE gathering, we’re joined by legendary journalist/producer DAVID SALTMAN, presents the possibility of MICHELLE OBAMA running for President.

Though there are obvious doubts, Saltman reads a long passage from the former First Lady that would seem to indicate she’d be open to the idea should Joe Biden decline to re-run

Along the way we hear from LYNN FEINERMAN, JUSTIN LEBLANC and others.

TATANKA BRICCA lays out the Romero Institute’s on-going campaign to establish a full-blown government leadership apparatus, prepared to take and use power as the corporate Democrats and Trumpite Republicans fade away.

IGNACIO CASTUERA of the Living Earth Movement explains his organization’s powerful campaign to insure that we get to world peace. 

The movement focuses in particularly on guaranteeing detente with China, thus avoiding a war between the world’s two biggest economies.

Finally the brilliant  LINDA PENCE GUNTER of Beyond Nuclear confirms that Germany will, in fact, shut its last reactors around April 15.

Thus the world’s fourth-largest economy goes post-nuclear, with (hopefully) the fifth-largest (California) soon to follow.

Linda also fills us in on the uselessness of Silly Mythic Reactors, and the on-going dangers at Ukraine’s besieged Zaporigia.

We also hear about the use of Depleted Uranium (DU), armor-penetrating shells that spread lethal atomic radiation throughout the landscape.

Linda is joined by MYLA RESON who further explains the dangers of DU and atomic waste.

This wide-ranging excursion should not be missed.  NO NUKES!!