Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #127, Feb. 27 , 2023

GREEGREE #127 starts with the great ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground as she explains her legendary organization’s grassroots work in the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court  race. 

Because the Court in WI is evenly divided (3-3) between progressives v. conservatives, this oddly timed (April 3) election will have huge impact.  

As Andrea explains, a woman’s right to choose is on the line, as is redistricting, voter registration and much more in a state that could well decide the 2024 presidential campaign.

We hear further from KARLA SAND in Minnesota, who gives important detail on the unexpected victory of KEITH ELLISION for the AG office in Minnesota.

DR. RUTH STRAUSS asks Andrea about the Virginia election that has now sent the state’s first woman of color to the US Congress.

DOROTHY REIK and CYNTHIA PAPERMASTER also add to our discussion, in particular about the potential US Senate candidacy of Rep. Barbara Lee, the only Congressperson to vote again the Afghan War.

WENDI LEDERMAN then presents a crucial overview of the use of the state-wide referendum in protection critical rights like abortion, legal pot, medicaid expansion, democracy-based districts and more.

GEORGE RIPLEY tells us of the Ballot Initiate Strategy Center formerly affiliated with the great Senator Mike Gravel.

This discussion of grassroots referenda will be critical to our work all the way through the 2024 nation election.

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