I am writing about my personal life saving experience. I am not in Ohio but live in NY. I met Dr. Nuovo when I was diagnosed with cancer in my uterus. I was shocked, heartbroken and scared. I am a 53 year old women, fit and in great health, how could this have happened to me? My Gyn scheduled me for a full hysterectomy. I asked Dr. Nuovo to review my slide at the advice of a friend.

I didn’t know slides could be signed out and sent for a second opinion. I did know to get a second opinion but I would have taken the slide results to another gyn. Big mistake! I was lucky to find out the pathologist was incorrect! Dr. Nuovo’s care, precision and expertise in reviewing my slide brought me a miracle. He called me at 9:30 am the next morning to tell me my polyp was benign. I cancelled the surgery and have enjoyed every day of my life from that moment on. It is 2011!!! Why is this happening in Ohio and probably everywhere? Why do women not know that the Pathologist if not experienced in Gyn pathology CAN and DO make critical mistakes? How can Dr. Nuovo be barred from reviewing biopsies at OSUMC? Is it that he is honest? I have reviewed public records, confirmed by two pathologists, and I am amazed that the majority of women who have had their endometrial biopsies this year reviewed at OSUMCC have been given the wrong diagnosis, including women being told they have precancer/cancer that they do not have.

How can Dr. Nuovo be banned and replaced with pathologists that do not have his passion and expertise? Why is OSUMC not correcting this epidemic? 60% is an epidemic!!

Why isn’t this information on the front page of yours and every newspaper? Why isn’t Oprah covering this? Why isn’t Dr. Nuovo asked to be on the Today Show telling women in Ohio and everywhere that they need to be aware of what is going on!

In closing I hope my letter helps to alert the following: Any women in Central Ohio who had a Gynecologic biopsy at OSUMC needs to request, as is their right, that their biopsies be sent to an outside Gyn Pathology expert

Happy to be healthy,
Sally A