The most important political task of our time is the defeat of George W. Bush. There has rarely, if ever, been a President of such exceedingly limited ability and poor moral judgement, and all the money in the world (which he appears to have) may not be enough to save his bacon a second time.

The most important political task, TOMORROW, is the Annabel Palma election in the Bronx. Annabel is a WFP candidate for City Council, and is taking on a very powerful Bronx political family. If Annabel wins the Democratic primary tomorrow, she will be poised to run a strong WFP-Democrat race in November against Republican and Independence Party candidates.

Starting as a health care aide to senior citizens, Annabel then became a health and safety specialist for her union, SEIU 1199. [George W. Bush didn't get a job until he was 40, and his main idea for senior citizens is to gut their/our Social Security benefits]. A product of the public school system, Annabel put herself through Bronx Community College while raising her son, now 13. [In Ann Richard's immortal phrase, George W. Bush "was born on third base but thought he had hit a triple"].

We could go on, but you get the point.


Local elections don't get much of a spotlight. Still, they are crucial building blocks for the WFP as we try to advance good IDEAS and good PEOPLE.

Coming up between now and November, keep your eye on:

Tom SEALS         WFP candidate for Syracuse Common Council

Larry DeANGELIS   WFP candidate for Nassau County Legislature

Letitia JAMES     WFP candidate for NYC City Council

Jim DUNCAN        WFP candidate for Cheektowaga Supervisor (Erie County)

Mike DIEDERICH    WFP candidate for Rockland County District Attorney

Jason ALIOTO      WFP candidate for Chili Supervisor (Monroe County)

Jose ALVARADO & Andrea STEWART-COUSINS  WFP candidates for Westchester Legislature

And many more besides.

It's not easy to be a good elected official. But by recruiting good candidates and building a community and labor base strong enough to hold them accountable, progress is possible.

We hope you are pleased with the WFP's progress in local races in your area, and that you'll do your share by voting, volunteering, phoning, giving money, telling your friends, or whatever you can to make New York, and America, a better place.

That's it. Read the papers, pay your dues, and... Organize.

Jim Duncan, Bertha Lewis, Bob Master WFP Co-Chairs Dan Cantor Executive Director