A small group of very dedicated volunteers in central Ohio work every Thursday morning, 8:30am-12 noon at the Worldwide Humanitarian Aid warehouse to collect, organize and pack up equipment and supplies for people who need help all over the world. You could help by donating your time just once a week, or once a month.

Worldwide Humanitarian Aid has delivered truckloads of goods to El Salvador, Chiapas, New Orleans, Native American reservations, the Ukraine and many other places in the past ten years. They have supported medical clinics, donated ambulances, and provided training for doctors in Third World countries. They have provided computers and school supplies for schoolchildren in central America, and are now collecting money for uniforms for kids in El Salvador so they can attend school. They are planting moringa trees in communities to help them become self-sufficient.

There are many central Ohio hospitals and companies willing to donate supplies and equipment. All that Worldwide Humanitarian Aid needs now is people-power to pick up the supplies, sort through donations, and pack up trucks. You can even drive a truck to the recipient community if you have the time.

If you can help, please contact: 262-1347 or

If your company or organization wants to donate materials, this is a list of what's needed:
Computers (Pentium 2 or higher) and computer accessories
Typewriters and supplies
Sewing machines
Medial equipment and supplies
Bikes with new tires
School supplies
Large boxes (broken down)

Worldwide Humanitarian Aid website