Advertisement is the anniversary date of the wounded knee massacre of 1890 on pine ridge in south dakota. was sitting in the coffee shop this morning staring out to the still dark street....

indian people are still dying , just more slowly now, by practice and policy. genocide still an open and active force....not at all past tense (in term or effect)

leonard peltier is still in prison

the sky here, cries softly this morning

an near empty city bus stops at the stop, and rolls on, followed by a huge suv with a single occupant bearing a new 30 day tag

it's easy to connect the dots

can also see my reflection in the glass, as i peer out to the street

am still a part of the problem

by tomorrow in 1890, crimson will offer contrast to freshly fallen snow

today, the rain from the sky offers the chance for new, and continued life 

peace, michael