Countless crippled inches of soul crave release
     from civilization’s circular marching herd,
     metal shoed hooves pounding dirt and grass
     like ten-thousand Sioux drumming war
     punishing the silent ears of their enemies
     choking on screams for mercy as their heads implode;
     Under Bill Gates’ trance swarms of ants sit staring
     through monitored Windows stained
     waiting for God to appear on their computer screens
         …Something’s gone so very wrong;
The truth is blurred and hidden
     lost in sounds and television
     masked by textbooks facts and proofs,
Look into the reflection pool at foolish eyes
     blind to the depths
     beneath the rippling wet portrait
     swept up in sexy sounds of water and wind;
Let Oprah spew her Harpo gospels to housewives from her studio altar,
     ‘Get rich quick with a diary of happiness’
     hypnotized with a daily helping of hope
     tuning in tomorrow every day
     their lives are over anyway;
Let MTV sing lullaby’s of teenage conformity and
     Ronald McDonald spoon feed our children’s arteries grease
     in exchange for buckets of coins
     while we watch evolution’s dirty hands wringing
     uneducated Americans last few breaths
     from humanity’s stretched out neck;
Thank you Ford, thanks GM, thanks US Steel,
     Visa-MasterCard, thanks International Paper,
     and oh yeah God,
     thanks for finally attacking us back
     for our thoughtless ungracious ravaging of your creation;
What’s that swollen sound of sobbing heard
     echoing out of ancient caves forgotten
Is this real? or just another ploy
     plotted in the bubble-bath of an MGM CEO
     by a billionaire greedy to count the smell
     of my bank accounts last one hundred bills;
Oil and the Presidency, Big Energy and the House,
     the Senate’s built on golden bricks and
     balls of men their supposed to defend,
     men rooted in humanity’s search for fulfillment
     seekers driven mad by something
     other than green paper with another man’s face on it;
Drinking what they write, loving who they fight
     helping who they fuck, dreaming of what they hate,
     they let their passion fill their lives with holiness
     and they are not afraid;
The moon is invisible once the sun has risen and
     with eyes poked blind man sees nothing except himself
     whole soul grasping truth with senseless bleeding hands,
     only one number remains when all others are subtracted
     only you remain in others absence;
We’ve missed the bulls-eye hung inside
     but they haven’t,
     they’ve bought the rights to it from gods and
     sold it to infinite telemarketing venues;
We’re prisoners to our starving insatiable senses
     and the mass-market’s manipulation of them;
     We’re prisoners to our paychecks, slaves to our bosses
     landlords, tax collectors, governors, etc., etc., etc.;
     are we sick of it yet?
Does your stomach cramp bubbling turning sour
     during Friends or Political Primaries?
Does your head throb in back virgin tight
     ears ringing bells—eyes stinging needles
     as you approach your job, checkbook, or pen?
Does your soul waver flickering unstable as a ghost on LSD,
     sick of the world but tied to it somehow
     by a Golden Rope every Capitalist wants to find and steal
     but it’s missing within unknown even to you?
     I hope you find it first!
That rope is priceless tied to your front-door
     when pulled a swinging wave of pure mountain air
     refreshes your suffocating mind
     erupting into a symphony of ordered anarchy and the
     snake dances into the wicked shape of a noose
     knotted as the ghost taps footloose below;
A prophetic rooster’s caw is heard beyond a reddened horizon
     all of a sudden
     in a breath taking instant
     the throne is tipped
     the darkness is lifted;
     Long live the day after infinite nights!
       Let the coins fall And the sun shine in.