Fair Elections Ohio is collecting the initial 1,000 signatures for the petition Friday, August 5, 2011
from 9:00 a.m. to noon
at the
Franklin County Democratic Party
340 E. Fulton Street
Columbus, OH 43215

For more information contact: Jennifer Dillard at 614.229.5286 or Email.

Here’s how the H.B. 194 will hurt Ohioans by reducing their access to voting:
Reduce by mail absentee voting to 3 weeks from 5 weeks and reduce in-person absentee voting to 2 weeks.
Ban in-person absentee voting on Sundays and Saturday afternoon
Ban in-person early voting during the last weekend before the election
Make it more difficult for the Election Boards to open extra offices in the community to make it more convenient to vote early
Stop local Election Boards from sending absentee ballot applications unsolicited to all voters
Stop local Elections Boards from paying postage on return absentee ballot requests or on the return of absentee ballots
Impose technical reasons not to count votes
Order a minimum voting precinct size in cities and villages only
Prohibit someone with no ID from having their ballot counted
Eliminate the 10 day period after the election to provide missing ID
Strike down disclosure rules for corporations participating in campaigns

H.B. 194 will make it harder to vote and harder for votes to count. The changes in HB 194 will increase the number of people voting in person on Election Day, bringing back long lines and the potential for multiple hour waits for Ohioans to vote. Long lines mean disenfranchised voters. Help Fair Elections Ohio protect your voting rights by signing a petition at the Franklin County Democratic Party headquarters at 340 E. Fulton Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 tomorrow, August 5, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.