My name is Bruce Tetley. I am a nobody, a middle aged musician who has never cleared more than $10,000 a year in this life. Born and raised in Syracuse, N.Y., I moved to Florida in 1996, then I moved to Maui in November of 2004. I have good reason to believe my life is in danger.

In the past week my bank accounts have been emptied electronically and my credit cards maxed out. As far as the banks are concerned, all transactions were legally done and I have no recourse. In the past year I've had two very omi- nous, threatening phone calls and two symbolic but no less threatening "messages". One was a dead rat at the foot of my bed back in Florida, and the other was a penny, painted red, at the foot of my bed yesterday. (Not worth a red cent) Let me begin to explain with some history.

I have not trusted the government of this nation for as long as I can remember. Actually, it started in 1960 during the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Even as a 10 year old, I didn't trust "tricky Dick". When Kennedy was murdered in '63, I knew something was terribly wrong and wasn't shy about say- ing so. I read the Warren Report from cover to cover. (It took a month!) It's amazing how that report parallels that of the 9/11 commission fiction of today. Each blaming an inept FBI, Secret Service, and police for failures in what should've been normal protocol. The "single bullet theory" was so ludi- crous, even to a 14 year old, that I was enraged at it's total acceptence. From that day forward I knew that Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Arlen Spector, Earl Warren, the FBI, CIA, and the entire military-industrial complex were not to be trusted. My feelings were confirmed when New Orleans D.A. James Garrison exposed the whole mess in '67-'68. I did everything I could to convince my friends and fellow students of this. Some listened, most didn't even care.

Next came the Viet Nam war. I was fully prepared to either be a conscientious objector or split to Canada rather than kill or be killed so that fat cats in the U.S. could drive cadillacs and get richer on oil and defense contractor investments. For- tunately a good friend's father advised me that my asthma condi- tion could get me a medical deferment and it did. I protested, marched, boycotted GE, GM, ESSO(EXXON), Mac-Douglas, and basic- every company associated with that war.

Now we come to Watergate. Needless to say, I was outraged that the FBI,CIA,NSA, and the entire government apparatus could be so manipulated to implement one man's warped and hateful agenda. (Again paralleling today's nightmare)

I read every book, every transcript and watched nearly every minute of the Watergate hearings. Oh, how I long for a man with the guts and integrity of Sen. Sam Ervin. Not today. Not with this bunch of criminals. It was during this period that I started writing letters to Congress and newspapers. A trait I no doubt inherited from my late mother, excepting that I send mine in. Needless to say, I rejoiced at Nixon's downfall and jeered at his pardon, but I knew Ford was a lackey so it wasn't a surprise.

When Carter was elected I took a break hoping that he might do some good, and he did, some. But then in 1980 the "October Surprise" and Reagan/Bush brought me right back into the fray. Good grief! How could a third rate actor and a Saudi sucking, oil drilling, CIA bag man come to power so soon after Watergate? At that point I became depressed and thought there was absolutely no hope. Iran/Contra, the S+L and BCCI scandals, and the bribing of the oil rich soviet "istans" confirmed my mistrust. I remem- ber reading about a Franklin S+L scandal in Omaha in 1986 that involved cocaine, money laundering, and a bizarre sexual slavery, blackmail ring that was run by then Sen. Lawrence King of the state of Nebraska. It was just news then but would later tie in to my current woes. It struck a nerve with me because I had been kidnapped, robbed, and raped at gunpoint by three men in that same year. Needless to say, the humiliation, guilt, andears of pointless sanctions.

Clinton turned out to be more Republican than Nixon for crissake! NAFTA was all I needed to write him off. In '92, however, the sex slave, blackmail thing came up again when an aid in the Bush White House, Paul Balach, had been outed and was involved in procuring young gay prostitutes for elite par- ties involving congressmen, military, and "giants" of in- dustry. There had always been rumors that ALL the Bush boys, including G.H.W. senior leaned a little to the "lite" side. As it turns out, a VERY dark side.

I lived in Sarasota, Fl. from 1997 - 2001 and while there had read many articles about one Kathrine Harris and her fond- ness for taking junkets to Washington, New York, and California, staying at five star hotels, in $1200. suites at taxpayers ex- pense. I wrote several letters expounding on the brazen waste of money this women foisted on Florida citizens. I even got a retort form her highness Harris in the Sarasota paper saying that she could spend taxpayers money any way she saw fit. This brought on a deluge of letters protesting her nerve and callous behavior. She later wrote in a somewhat disingenuous explanation that some construed as an apology. I was tickled. About a month later, on my way home from playing at a club out of town, I was stopped, searched and arrested for DUI. I had three beers in a 90 minute span and at 250 lbs., I wasn't even in a good mood. My lawyer convinced me we could beat the charge if we went to trial. I was convicted and spent 4 months in a very crowded Sarasota County jail. I later found out that my lawyer could have pleaded me out but was pressured to go to trial almost insuring that I get jail time. Thank you Ms. Harris. Incidently, the gig I played that night was in a club at the Venice Airport where the Huffman Aviation flight training school was located.

I used to play in a very exclusive area called Boca Grande which was between Venice and Fort Myers, Fl. One night, after a show, I was invited to party with some college age kids at one of their parents' home. The folks were away so we hung out by the pool at a very luxurious estate. After a few drinks one of the guys mentioned that the Bush family compound is just a few houses down the beach. Then one of the girls said that she went to high school with Noelle Bush (Jeb's daughter) and that she had some really weird stories about the men in her family. I was ALL ears. She said that whenever there was a non-official, strictly friendly party at one of the Bush's homes, there always seemed to a number of young, handsome, unattached men hanging around. She assumed they were prospective suitors for her and her cousins but when she would approach them, they weren't at all interested. It was then that I recalled the Franklin cover-up, Paul Balach, and the sexual prostitute scandal. Could the Bush boys be involved in this seedy stuff? I certainly hoped so! Then this girl dropped a bombshell. She said that she and Noelle got drunk one night when Jeb and her mother were out and decided to look at some home movie videos. Upon shuffling through a video drawer they discovered a false bottom, opened it, and found several videos labeled "Bohemian Club". They put one in and were aghast to see some sort of pagan ritual in a redwood forest featuring young boys dancing nude around a fire, men having sex with young girls and boys, ani- mal sacrifice, and all the while, in the audience were her father, grandfather, two uncles and many famous men in government and big business. The girl was shaking like a leaf by this time and stop- ped talking all together. The young men laughed it off and said she was drunk and didn't see anything. I feigned aggreement and left.

I never spoke of this with anyone but always kept it in the back of my mind. Then in 2000 we had the election fraud and all of Florida knew it was a scam but the fix was in and we were screwed. I prayed that somebody would find those tapes and bring these swine DOWN! Nada.

I moved to St. Augustine in July of 2001 and shortly thereaft- ter came 9/11. Once again, I smelled a rat. How could Norad and the FAA fail so miserably on that day when 2 years earlier, when Payne Stewart's plane went off course, the fighters were on him in 10 min- utes?! I still don't believe they didn't know in advance. Heinrich Himmler said "when war is desired, and the people opposed, attack innocent non-combatants, scare the hell out of the people, and blame the enemy".

I think it was in May or June of 2002 when the papers were full of the news of Noelle Bush being arrested and jailed on drug charges. In her mug shot she looked like Janis Joplin after a three day drunk. I remembered the ritual, sex tape story and immediately went online for some research. I couldn't come up with much on her at all. They put a lid on all things Noelle from then on. I even tried to pose as a reporter while in Tallahasse one time for a gig. I said I was writing a story about celebrity drug abuse and wanted to interview Ms. Bush. BIG MISTAKE! From then on, I feel my movements have been monitored. Not closely mind you but I just had a weird feeling some- times. When I couldn't get any more info, I pretty much dropped it.

I still wrote letters and bitched about this and that. One case was in 2000 when Congressman Joe Scarborough's knocked up female aid was found dead mysteriously in his office and he tried to cover his ass with several different stories. I still think he's got more to tell about that one. Now we come to the kicker.

In late 2003 or early 2004 there was a great hoopla in the St. Augustine news about 14-15 attractive young Russian kids in the 16- 18 year old range who were packed into two small motel rooms in St. Augustine beach and had no jobs, little money, and no supervision whatsoever. The paper speculated that they were on some foreign ex- change cultural program and had gotton lost in the bureaucratic shuffle. I had done much research after the Paul Balach affair and knew that there was a huge trade in sexual slavery and prostitution coming from all over eastern Europe and run by the Russian mob and as I found out later, the CIA. I wrote letters to the paper and con- tacted the police about my thoughts and was told thanks, go away. Another BIG MISTAKE! What was I thinking? The POLICE?! I thought I could help. DUMB!

About six months later, upon returning home from a gig, I dis- covered that someone had been in my apartment. I knew this because I always lock the deadbolt and leave the handle unlocked. I found them inversely locked. In August of last year I woke up to find the dead rat at the foot of my bed and the locks reversed as before. It was that and 4 hurricanes that made me decide to move to Maui post haste, and in November, I did.

I figured I was safer here because all the garbage I was stirring up was Florida related, so why would they care about me here? Then Jeff Gannon came into view, thanks to bloggers.

When I heard that a gay prostitute had shown up with White House approved credentials in the press room in the west wing, I nearly passed out! Of course the whole business was rapidly swept under the rug so I knew there was more to the story. Sure enough, the bloggers were all over it and found out he was really James Guckert and might have ties to the Balach scandal in '92. That led me back to the Franklin cover-up and sex slaves, mind control, CIA (under Bush Sr.), and finally the Bohemian Club. I'll not go into the BC history because it's long and sordid. Just "google" it and you'll find what I found. One of the by-products of all these stories is that every witness who has come forward to nail these slime ends up dead. The majority via "suicide". It's become such a common thread that it's now a catch phrase online that someone has been "suicided". If they are not murdered and manipulated to look like suicide, they can also be manipulated via mind control, drugs, and the newest abomination, electromag- netic pulse bombardment that can be used to actually get inside a person's mind and make them do anything they're ordered to do. The "Manchurian Candidate" is by no means fiction.

Hunter Thompson's death is suspicious in that light because he was rumored to have infiltrated the Bohemian Club years ago, taken videos, and was ready to expose them to the world. The cover story, or red herring, is that he had evidence about the planting of explosives at the WTC prior to 9/11. Two days after Thompson's death, Rusty Nelson, another video photographer in the Franklin cover up, was arrested and is now MIA. I am convinced that this scandal is real and the "Bushies" know it's the ONLY thing that can bring them down now. Legislation, protests, congress, etc. are powerless against the wall they've built around themselves. Only a total exposure of their sexual hypocracy, deviant behavior, and abuse of power can bring them down, with the help of the "rel- gious right" they pander to so well.

So, that's where I am today. Last night I found the "red cent" at the foot of my bed. I'm broke, no credit, and living on the most expensive island in the world! You may ask, as do I, who cares about some old radical schmoe who has absolutely no clout?! Well, all I can think is that public opinion is the only thing left to fight these guys. I write letters and inform readers of things the cor- porate media won't. I call in to radio, public access TV, and C-SPAN to get the word out. When you shine the kitchen light on roaches in the night, they scatter, terrified for their lives. I have never feared death. Just the manner in which it occurs. I never want to be eaten alive by a shark, tiger, woman, etc... I say if they want to "suicide" me bring it on! I'll take a couple of them with me. If any friends or family read this and I turn up dead via suicide, heart attack, car accident, drowning,etc., DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT! If I'm shot or tasered to death, resisting arrest, you can believe that. I won't sit in a jail cell forever for no reason.

Bruce Tetley
Kihei, HI