15 March 2007
It has the feel of the final scene in the movie “Back to the Future” where Doc Brown is feeding banana peels and other garbage into the Mr. Fusion appliance on top of the DeLorean to fuel it.

But what is happening in Vista,...
03 March 2007
Why extracting plutonium from spent nuclear reactor fuel is a bad idea


The Bush administration is requesting a FY2008 budget of $405 million for its major new nuclear energy initiative, the Global...
03 March 2007
Department of Energy Research Shows Technology Does Not Reduce Risks of Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism


The Bush administration requested $250 million in its fiscal 2007 budget as a first...
28 February 2007
Vermont, like too many other places with nuke reactors, was recently disgraced by an industry-sponsored visit from Patrick Moore, who claims to be a "founder" of Greenpeace, and who is out selling nuclear power as a "green" technology....
20 February 2007
Agency Accused of Refusing to Enforce Law

CORNUCOPIA, WI:  In a letter today, The Cornucopia Institute informed the USDA of their intention to file a complaint in federal district court accusing the agency of ignoring the organic...

05 February 2007
Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth," raises the issue of global warming in a way that scares the bejeezus out of viewers, as it should since the consequences of global climate change are truly earth-shaking. The former Vice-President...


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