29 September 2022

Thankfully, we’re joined by the uniquely powerful JUDITH WHITMER, rebel Chair of the Democratic Party of Nevada, where an uprising of grassroots activists has transformed the playing field. 

Judith has helped lead the charge to at...

23 September 2022

Lawsuit Filed Against Wake County Director of Elections for Violating the
Constitutional Rights of a Wake County Voter in Retaliation for her Advocacy

TylerBrooks, Esq., 336-707-8855 ...

22 September 2022

Part 1:
We are then joined by the legendary KEITH ELLISON, Attorney-General of Minnesota and lead prosecutor in the legendary George Floyd case. 

Keith is a former multi-...

15 September 2022

Our Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom this week features the great Texas commentator JIM HIGHTOWER.  

Jim’s brilliant populist screeds have been enlightening the airwaves and op ed columns for decades.


15 September 2022

September 14, 2022 - TUCSON, AZ: AUDIT Elections USA, a nonpartisan, nonprofit public interest organization...

04 September 2022

#108 Gree-Gree Zoom August 29, 2022


Our Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom opens with a tribute from WENDI LEDERMAN to Women’s...


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