Person holding sign in crowd of people with fists in air, reading Diversity Makes America Great against tie-dyed background
14 August 2017

Columbus turned out by the hundreds to protest the rally by the KKK, neo-nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville and the subsequent terror attack on the counterprotestors. On Sunday, August 13, a large group gathered at the...

Black and white photo of police harassing black people in the street and a drawing of four black people holding their fists in the air and the words Drop the Charges Against the BlackPride4
03 July 2017

Commentary by Bob Fitrakis

This incident has to be categorized as a vicious, unnecessary unprovoked attack by the police.

It’s commendable that Columbus, as a city, openly embraces and supports Pride...

28 November 2015

Imagine an alcoholic who managed every night to get ahold of and consume huge quantities of whiskey and who every morning swore that drinking whiskey had been his very last resort, he’d had no choice at all.

Easy to...

someone handing another person money
19 June 2015

I’m shocked – shocked! – that our City Council President and leading mayoral candidate Andy Ginther is accused of taking bribes. His name is attached to the scandal involving former CEO of Redflex Karen L. Finley – provider of much-...

14 March 2014
Yes, Columbus, there is a Columbus Police Department Chronic Complainers List. After publishing a January 30, 2014 cover story “Are you on the Columbus Police’s secret blacklist?”, the Columbus Free Press has obtained a copy of a so-...
30 January 2014
Not many citizens of Columbus are aware that if the police think you report too many crimes – or complain about them – Columbus’ finest will put you on a “list” and simply ignore your complaints.

The history of how a...


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