30 November 2023

For U.S. mass media, Henry Kissinger’s quip that “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” rang true. Influential reporters and pundits often expressed their love for him. The media establishment kept swooning over one of the worst war...

29 November 2023
. Why do I feel the urge
to stroke the crime
as though it were my child,
to cup my hands
around the horror
and prevent it from going out?

   These words are a fragment of a poem I wrote a nearly a...
28 November 2023
Global Research November 25. 2014

“Since 1970, Native Americans have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US Thanksgiving holiday. Many Native Americans do not celebrate the...

23 November 2023

For decades, the struggle for national liberation in Palestine was rightly understood to be part and parcel of a global struggle for liberation, mainly in the Global South. 

 And since national liberation...

22 November 2023

Much as I love Thanksgiving — seeing my family . . . oh the turkey, oh the cranberry sauce —I feel like maybe a bomb fragment has hit the “thanks” part.

I find myself struggling to let a sense of thankfulness flow, because when I...

15 November 2023

Is the rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem?

“. . . I came to understand the role some in the U.S. government have played to intentionally catalyze war, fueling arms sales globally, without regard for the consequences. The...


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