25 August 2021

That link between age and wisdom — is it just a joke?

Suddenly I’m curious in a real way. I just turned . . . 75. There’s a significance to that number that isn’t abstract, and I’m having a hard time ignoring it. Perhaps it has...

10 August 2021

Back when Paul Weyrich partied like it was 1999, he made a monumental admission that explains the ferocity of today’s evangelical right.

In an open letter to his extreme conservative cohorts, he acknowledged that...

05 August 2021

MEK is a curious hybrid creature that pretends to be an alternative government option for Iran even though it is despised by nearly all Iranians.

One might ask if Washington’s obsession with terrorism...

05 August 2021

What if . . . ?

I get lost — tangled in doubt and cynicism — when I try to pose the question in a more specific way. What if . . . a collective human voice could be heard, crying out across the borders as the pandemic surges, as...

25 July 2021
Right-wing hypocrites are lining up for an expected Supreme Court nullification of Roe v. Wade.

As restrictive anti-abortion state laws head to the six anti-choice fanatics on the Court, the Trump Cult’s...


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