On Friday, May 16, 2003, Columbus Jobs with Justice participated in one of Columbus' first workers' rights delegations. A group of local labor, religious and community members (including County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, representatives from JwJ, the Central Labor Council, the Catholic Diocese, and a number of labor organizations) visited the corporate offices of the Kroger Corporation to ask for a visit with the president and to present a large signed poster demonstrating community support for truck drivers of Teamsters Local 413, who are in danger of losing their jobs. Kroger, a union shop where cashiers and others are represented by the UFCW, is considering giving the trucking contract to a non-unionized, low-paid owner-operator trucking firm in Texas.

At least 50 workers from Teamsters Local 413 marched with the delegation to the corporate office. Delegates presented their statement to a Kroger executive and made statements about their support for the campaign. After the delegation visit, supporters handbilled at a nearby Kroger store to gain support for the campaign and held signs near the highway to raise visibility. Many shoppers were outraged to learn about the action that Kroger is considering.