05 October 2012
NPR reported that a federal appeals court on Friday reinstated in-person early voting in the swing state of Ohio on the final three days before Election Day, returning discretion to local boards of elections.

The ruling by the...
20 September 2012
The Voters First campaign scored another victory against Issue 2 opponents’ ongoing effort to mislead and confuse voters. Today the Ohio Elections Commission found probable cause that the Ohio Republican Party was purposely lying voters...
14 September 2012
Madeline ffitch was arrested for blockading an entrace way to a fracking wastewater injection well site.
Madeline ffitch, a 31-year-old Millfield, Ohio woman who is outraged at the impact fracking wastewater is having on her...
01 September 2012
A Tragedy?
When people use the word “tragedy,” they ordinarily mean something completely bad and sad, like the mass killings in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Almost as many human beings were killed during the eleven-day...
29 July 2012
History books often contain a chapter that tries to answer the question: What caused such-and-such a revolt or revolution?
For example: What caused the “Boston Massacre” in 1770 when British troops stationed in Boston fired on a...


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