Gerry Bello is a journalist and researcher for the Columbus Free Press. He covers Human Rights, Technology, National Security and Election issues. He is a graduate of Antioch College with a degree in Computer Security. In the computer industry he specialized in networked industrial control systems, malware detection and interecption user access control and data theft detection including work for Fortune 500 companies. He doesnt' work for those people anymore. He did not like them when he did work for them. He has also been a street level anti-fascist activist for more than 20 years. He likes cats.

Articles by Author

People in white robes with pointy top hats in a circle outside at night with a flag
12 March 2019

Many people hear the name “Ku Klux Klan” and think of the deep South and unreconstructed neo-confederates riding at night with support from the city fathers...

12 March 2019

The “ShotSpotter” voice surveillance system is being promoted by Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and Deputy Police Chief Bash as a crime fighting tool capable...

The back of a person wearing a white T-shirt that says Justice for Timmy!!
11 September 2017

It is not easy being number one. Columbus is the best in the nation at only one thing. When it comes to the killing of black people, the Columbus Police...

02 February 2015

Since the beginning of the recent protest movement around the deaths of multiple unarmed African American men at the hands of police in multiple states...

04 December 2014

In the wake of the failure of a grand jury proceeding to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri, President Obama has finally taken a material...

26 November 2014

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