31 January 2008
Testimony to the Public Utilities Commission of the Ohio House, January 30, 2008

Thank you for allowing me to testify today.

I am a resident of central Ohio and author, or co-author, of a dozen books,...
21 December 2007
Jennifer Brunner Responds to Kudos, Criticism Following State's Massive and Disturbing E-Voting Assessment
'The last thing I want for my state, is to be looked at as a pariah, like it was for 2004'

04 December 2007
EDITORIAL: The Columbus Free Press and freepress.org editorial board endorses the following reforms to ensure safe, secure and democratic elections in Ohio in 2008 and beyond.

1. The Secretary of State shall establish...
30 November 2007
King Corn
Now through December 2, 2007 at Studio 35
3055 Indianola Avenue (614) 261-1581
Each night at 6:30pm

The Free Press highly recommends the independent documentary “King Corn,” that makes the...
22 November 2007
Ohio Green Party Coordinating Committee unanimously endorsed Tim Kettler for Ohio Senate District 20 in their November 18, 2007 conference.

A lifelong Ohio resident, resides in the Warsaw, Ohio/ /with his wife Roberta, and son...
19 November 2007
Janitors' Victory Brings Hope to Columbus Families, Creates New Model for Ensuring Good Jobs with Health Care for Region's Low-wage Workers

Historic city-wide contract for nearly 1,200 janitors will double the income of many...


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