07 November 2006
2 Machines were faulting/ needed to be worked on or rebooted by election staff at the Harrison Twp. Garage Licking County
07 November 2006
Cuyahoga County is filing criminal charges against me because I asked some volunteers for the Vote Count Protection Project to call some of the Election Day Technicians, and ask them if they would be willing to write down some of the...
07 November 2006
Tim and Roberta Kettler voted at approximately 10:15 am, November 7 in the Monroe Twp. precinct in Coshocton County. Two Diebold machines were available for use. We experienced difficulty in recording the votes we cast and the machines...
01 November 2006
See this video at the We Count 2006 Blog

This is well worth watching if you want to understand why pollworkers in Cleveland will not be allowed to post precinct results. It is...
31 October 2006
The following document was refused publication by the Columbus Dispatch.

COLUMBUS, OH George Voinovich crossed the line of integrity with his false allegations against Issue 3 in his Saturday Dispatch editorial. I will...
23 October 2006
The U.S. Coast Guard has announced its plan to turn the Great Lakes into the world's largest freshwater firing range. They are installing machine guns on their boats, and want to set aside 34 sites on all of the lakes to use for live...


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