1975      Kenyon College, B.A. 1981      Urban Law Institute of the Antioch School of Law, J.D. 1979- 80  First legal case (as law student intern in the law school Indian Law Clinic): federal court challenge to                 Arizona gerrymander attempt to consolidate Navajo Nation into one county to limit their                 representation in state government. Federal court struck down the illegal gerrymander attempts 1981      Sworn in to the Ohio Bar, 1981 1983     Sworn in to the Federal Bar 1981 – 1983 Cooperating Counsel: Ohio ACLU participating in several appeals 1982 – 1992 Ohio State Legal Services Association – CORE IV Project, computer assisted legal research and                         litigation consultation for legal aid programs in Ohio and 8 other states, DC, and Puerto Rico 1983 – 1990 -  Founding Director of the non-profit Columbus Housing Law Project, Inc.: tenants' rights litigation                         and Landlord–Tenant law free clinics 1985 -  Representation in (Ohio) of Oklahoma reservation-based Absentee Shawnee; service as the tribe's             Statutory Agent in Ohio; incorporator of Shawnee non-profit educational entity in Ohio 1993–94 academic year: Capital Law School: visiting professor of Clinical Studies 1995-96 - Columbus Bar Association – Director Continuing Legal Education 1998 -      Research Analyst: helped create social services division under auspices of City of Columbus Dept. of Development 1999 – 2005:   CEO, KnoHoCoAshland Community Action Commission. poverty services including seniors  programs, low income housing, homeless shelters, women's health clinics, dental clinics, Head Start, weatherization and various other other state and federal poverty program throughout        4-county central Ohio area

2007 & 2008    Attorney for Howard Township (Knox County, Ohio) in litigation trying to enforce their zoning   laws and board decision to disallow aggregate mineral mining in conservation areas along the  Kokosing River in Knox County. Court of Common Pleas and 5th District Court of Appeals  refuse to observe law and facts and illegally overruled the administrative zoning body's denial                         of mining permit. Ohio Supremes deny cert. 2008      Letter to Ohio Supreme Court going on "inactive" status as attorney, ceasing practice of law, refusing  to be enabler of corrupt court systems in Knox County 1999 – current: Fiction writing, 3 novels in the works, including one novel weaving in anecdotes from Knox &  Coshocton County Native American historical lore

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24 October 2016
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