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Out with the old leadership, in with the new
15 November 2021

The COP 26 climate talks took place in Glasgow, Scotland last week. COP stands for Conference of Parties – it is the annual meeting of countries of the...

28 October 2021

Last year with your help, Columbus passed Issue 1, setting up the largest 100% renewable energy aggregation program in the Midwest. Clean Energy Columbus is...

11 September 2021

Following our mission to connect people to learning opportunities that promote sustainability, environmental justice, and our local economy, Simply Living...

People installing solar panels
09 May 2021

We are super excited to announce a new partnership to ...

01 May 2021

Simply Living is excited to announce a partnership with solar developer Art Yoho on the People’s Solar Project, a demonstration community...

Person holding sign saying making American Green again
15 October 2020

This November, voters in Columbus -- the 14th-largest city in the country -- will decide on Issue 1, while voters in Grove City -- Central Ohio’s largest...