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02 February 2008
There Will Be Blood
Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

There Will Be Blood, the latest from director Paul Thomas Anderson and...
29 January 2008
Directed by Jason Reitman
written by Diablo Cody

Juno, the much-talked about film about a pregnant teenage hipster, has been...
28 September 2007
Killer of Sheep, a remarkable social document about urban working-class African- Americans in the Watts district of Los Angeles, is now playing at the Wexner...
02 May 2007

Bobby is an ensemble film about the disparate characters at the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel during the events leading up to Robert Kennedy'...
26 March 2007
Hollywood has recently released a popular film that, once again, reveals much about the film industry. While Hollywood is not monolithic institution – the same...
15 March 2007
The Lives of Others (Der Leben der Anderen) is an account of East Berlin artists under surveillance by the Stasi, the German Democratic Republic's feared...