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06 June 2005
Help Rep. John Conyers investigate and expose the criminal behavior of George W. Bush and his lies about the reasons to attack Iraq. Sign the letter and...
26 April 2005
Contact Senator Voinovich and urge him to OPPOSE the Bolton nomination.

Please also copy your letter to his Senate webform:
06 February 2005
Boycott Products with aspartame

Much controversy has surrounded the issue of whether or not the artificial sweetener aspartame is safe for...

16 December 2004
Contact U.S. Senators to challenge the electoral college and the 2004 elections. Go to:

Contact your...
15 November 2004
Listen to audio from the Election hearings in Columbus and see the events at the polls from Columbus, Ohio on Election Day!

08 November 2004
Donate now to the CICJ, the Free Press' parent organization, which is spearheading the investigation into Ohio election irregularities and voter suppression....