Dr Kohls is a retired physician who practiced holistic, non-drug, mental health care for the last decade of his family practice career. He now writes a weekly column for the Reader Weekly, an alternative newsweekly published in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Many of Dr Kohls’ columns are archived at http://duluthreader.com/articles/categories/200_Duty_to_Warn

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23 October 2019


Vaccine Efficacy (VE)is the percentage reduction of disease outcomes in a vaccinated group of people...

03 October 2019

Trump with Likud Party Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Aka, the Likud Party Half of the “US/Israeli Wannabe Authoritarian Tag-team”)...

27 September 2019

The Passage of California’s Controversial Senate Bill 276 Reveals that PharmacoFascism is Alive and Well

(Minnesota’s legislators, just...