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Harvey J Graff
13 November 2022

Part One

Less than two months ago, pushed by two friends who read my essays, I published “Why I remain in Columbus despite Columbus. . . .” (...

10 November 2022

I argue in recent essays that the currently unbridged and apparently unbridgeable gulf between college students’ academic--including classroom--lives, ...

Dispatch building
05 November 2022

Never a responsible, reliable, or honest newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio’s only mass—if declining by the day—...

Harvey J Graff
02 November 2022

Part Two

The far greatest numbers of students want to do the right thing including obeying laws and respecting neighbors while also having fun...

Harvey J Graff
30 October 2022

Part One

On Wednesday, September 28, after an early morning medical appointment, I planned a day of writing, punctuated by coffee with a friend...

Harvey J Graff
27 October 2022

You won’t read this in the Columbus Dispatch or hear it on WOSU. NBC Channel 4 misreported this story on Oct. 17, either purposefully or ignorantly...